A New Year at the Norwood House


Doug and I are turning over a new leaf at our house. We don't have resolutions, per se, but we've taken advantage of the fresh start mentality of the New Year to make a few changes, take on some new challenges and generally kick things up a notch:

* We live in a 27-year old house so there are always home improvement project looming. We got several checked off during our Christmas break. We also did a lot of cleaning and purging which resulted in no less than six trips to Goodwill. Someone else can now wear the red reindeer lounge pants; we are done with them.

* We have committed to watching less TV and reading more. We are starting with an hour per evening two or three times a week.

* We have committed to attending church more regularly and becoming active again in our Sunday School class. We dropped out for awhile after Adam was born. Taking him to the nursery at church for yet another two hours of care after he's in daycare all week was hard for me. But now that he's getting older and is in a Sunday School class that involves snacks and play time, I'm more comfortable.

* And the BIGGIE.... a new eating and exercise plan. Last year for Doug and I could have been labeled "Eat whatever we want, when we want." This did nothing to help me shed the last of the 50 pounds I gained during my pregnancy, and it added a little to Doug's middle. We have a treadmill in the basement so we have committed to using it 5 days a week. At 5:00am one or both of us are up and at 'em depending on the schedule for that day. As far as eating, let me tell you about a plan that really works, because I've lost weight on it before:

protein + vegetables (called a "protein meal"). Can also add full fat (not low fat) cheese, mayo, salad dressing (watch the carb content)


whole grains + vegetables (called a "carb meal"). Can also add low fat cheese, may, salad dressing, etc.

You eat one or the other meal choice three times a day. At least 3 hours must pass between a carb meal and a protein meal.

Fruit is eaten only in the morning, and wait one hour before you eat a carb or protein meal.

NO refined sugar, NO alcohol, NO caffiene. Include moderate exercise 5 times a week.

The idea here is that refined sugar and caffiene both cause the body to produce insulin, and insulin causes the cells to store fat. Notice that I've said nothing about LOW FAT. You need a little fat in your diet to burn fat. This really isn't about counting calories, either, though you should watch your portions.

Once you get over the first week of caffiene and sugar withdrawls, you will find that this is a very satisfying plan. I lost 20 pounds in 3 months a few years back. I'd probably have kept it off if I hadn't gotten pregnant. Follow this plan very strictly for two weeks. Then begin giving yourself one free day per week (most people choose a weekend day).

Also, make sure that you don't get too much into the high protein routine. Did you know that lack of good carbs in your diet affects the seratonin levels in your system, which will affect not only sleep but many other functions.

Try it.... you have nothing to lose but those extra pounds. We have been on it since Tuesday, Jan 2nd and I have already lost 5 pounds.

Doug and I will keep you posteD periodically.


Jerry Grasso :

Jill: Keep up the work on the treadmill....the weight will come off if you can keep to eating right and when you do splurge....splurge less.

Doug seems to me to be the model of what a male physique should be...wait, that is what he tells us at the office at leas

A.W. Mann :

Jerry, you're such a card. You're eyesite is obviously deteriorating faster than your hairline! Or was that me?

Paulette :

Jill this is exactly the program my Nutricionist put me on. I have been on it 4 weeks and have lost 22 pounds. I am 100 pounds over weight and this is the first thing that has ever worked for me. I checked out your blog when I saw your comment at Shannons. Thanks for sharing.

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