But Only for a Night


For 444 mornings and nights I have been with you, and you with me. I have cooed "good morning" as I lifted you out of your crib, and now you even say "Hi". I have held you close each and every night, never missing one, as you fell asleep in my arms, 444 times. I have given you thousands of kisses- cheeks, head, ears, nose, toes. We have rocked and rocked, to Carly Simon, Vince Gill and Third Day.

Tonight I will be away from you for the very first time, gone on a business trip. You are home safe and sound with daddy, having a good time, I know. It is me who is having a hard time. Missing your lavendar-smelling hair.

As I close my eyes, I will be thinking of your long eyelashes as they flutter closed. I know that you will hold your blanket to your cheek and you will tuck your arms underneath you when Daddy puts you in your crib.

I am gone from you, but only for a night. The first in 444.

Love, Mommy


Melene :

That first time is so hard, isn't it. But the reunion is so wonderful! Hope things went well for everyone. Enjoy your blog....

Robin :


I can smell the hair, too :). Sweet memories.

Hope you handled it well, somehow (since I'm reading backwards), I'm sure you did.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) :

gosh it is hard isn't it? I have only been away twice - one night each time - and my son is five!

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