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When I moved to Atlanta eleven years ago, one thing I quickly learned is that it really paid to ask people for their recommendations on almost anything: restaurants, hairdressers, places to live, shop, and even worship. In that spirit, I thought it would be fun now-and-then to share some things I think are just great. I'd love it if you'd comment and join in the sharing.

Today's Topic: Health & Beauty

I forgot to pack my hairspray when we went on our beach vacation last year. And since hairspray is oh-so-important for sweating in the sun all day, I picked up Matrix Sleek Look Water-free Lockout at the grocery store. It was only after I got back to the beach house that I discovered it was $16, but it's worth every penny. I only use it on humid days, so I still have about half a bottle. I also use the Sleek Look Shampoo.

Waaaaaaay back in 1990 I worked at the Clinique counter part-time while in college. But, I got my first Clinique product when I was 12: clear lipgloss in a shiny silver tube. I love many of Clinique's products. I'm especially fond of their blush in Mocha Pink. It's not too dark, not too light, not too pink and not too brown. It's the only color I use... each and every day. I also love their All About Eyes Concealer as it tackels dark circles, puffiness and fine lines all in one swipe. Finally, their Glosswear for Lips in Tenderheart is a fun, sheer color for summer.

I've slathered morning and night since I was a little girl. I recently picked up a sample of Curel Ultra Healing Lotion and instantly became a fan. It's not too greasy, doesn't leave a residue and it smells great.

I could do a whole Favorite Things post on Whole Foods. From organic turkey hotdogs (the only kind I'll eat) to delicious pizza-by-the-slice, I could spend hours perusing the aisles. This is the only place I buy vitamins and supplements. You're sure to get preservative-free and often vegetarian products that do what they are meant to do. (Unlike stuff sold at GNC or other mega "health food" chains). The best multi-vitamin I've found for women is called Maxine. A friend who has her Master's in naturopathic nutrition also told me it has ingredients that assist with weight-loss. What a bonus!


Susan :

Hmmmm...I haven't heard of some of these. I AM a Clinique fan! Have a great day...and thanks for sharing.

:-) Susan

Nadine :

I don't about these but am always looking for a good moisturizing. I'll have to see if I can find the Curel. Thanks for the tip.

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