So Big!


Used to be that I could cuddle my sweet little boy in my arms with room to spare. His tiny little feet tucked under him would only reach mid-way between my neck and my lap as I rocked him to sleep. His sweet little head would fit perfectly on my shoulder and snuggle against my chin. A little slice of heaven I held. Oh yes I did.

I realized tonight how much bigger and longer that little heaven has become! I'm tall, with more length than the average mom... long arms and long legs, which also means I have a long lap, doesn't it? :o) And Adam is a very average size baby. So it's taken 15 months for him to become a little harder to cuddle, though I still give it a glorious try.

Tonight, as I rocked him after his bottle, he was fidgety. I decided I could give him more room if I stood up and did the "mommy sway" for just a little while. I'd been gone from him for 10 hours; I was trying to squeeze out as many minutes as I could.

And then he did something he's never done before. He reached out towards his crib. And made the sign for "please". He wanted to lay down. And so to bed he went.

We have lots to do to teach our children to become independent of us as we help them "grow up". But sometimes it's an even harder lesson for us to let go, isn't it? I'm glad my son loves his bed. It's the best place for him to get much-needed hours of sleep each night. I'll hold him again tomorrow, but I think our days of tucked-up feet are numbered.

He's getting to be so big.....

Until next time,


Susan :

Oh you are SO RIGHT!! They grow so quickly and sometimes it's MUCH harder on us than on them. There's a very delicate balance, isn't there?

Have a GREAT week and enjoy an extra snuggle together.


:-) Susan

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