15 Seconds with Elton John


So there I was, anxiously tap-tap-tapping my foot while I waited for the elevator to come to the 34th floor of my boss' highrise. I'd just completed my oh-so-important tasks in her condo prior to her return from a 6 week trip. I'd purchased her groceries, replaced the plant in the middle of her dining room table, watered her trees on the balcony, and picked up her mail. (And, just for the record, my job does include other tasks that more adequately utilize my college education, but that story would not be very interesting, I'm afraid.)

So, there I was.....tapping my foot. And finally the ding sounded and the down arrow appeared, indicating that my ride had arrived.

The doors opened. And I stepped on. And then I realized I'd stepped onto the elevator with Elton John. Yes, the Elton John. Sir Elton John. Crocodile Rock Elton John ('cause that's my favorite EJ song).

I didn't for one minute think, "This guy really looks like Elton John, but why would he be in this elevator?" Elton John has a penthouse on the top two floors of my boss' highrise. Here in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. On Peachtree Road. ** Just in case you ever wanted to come here and attempt a Elton John sighting. **

EJ: G'day. Nice day out there, eh?
I say : Yes. Yes, very nice.
I think: He's really short.

I say: Sounds like we are supposed to get quite a rain storm tomorrow.
I think: Oh, that was brilliant. He probably doesn't care.
EJ: Oh really. Didn't know that.

EJ: 'Live here, do 'ya?
I say: No. My boss, ____ does. I believe you've met her.
I think: I know you've met her 'cause she has a photo of you and her in her library.

EJ: Yes! How is she?
I say: She's fine. Travels a lot.
I think: I really want his autograph.

The elevator arrives in the lobby.

EJ: G'day then. Love your shoes.
I say: Thanks.
I think: He! Likes! My! Shoes!

Until next time (me + my sassy shoes),


Vader's Mom :

TOO MUCH FUN!!! Elton John rocks.

Susan :

Wow....Obama and Elton John connections in the same blog in the same week!!! Gotta love Buckhead!! Actually, it's one of my favorite places to shop...I wonder if he shops????

:-) Susan

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Melene :

Too Cool! How quickly did you post that after it happened? I wouldn't have been able to get to the computer fast enough! :)

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