The Porch Project - Chapter 1


I always like to have a little a little project in the works. Could be typing and filing all of my recipes. Could be organizing all of my holiday decorations into appropriate categories in storage containers in the basement. This will assure that santas and snowmen are with their own kind. This works better for the bunnies and pumpkins. Everyone now gets along much better.

Our new project is much bigger. It's The Porch Project. Namely, removing the old screened-in, mold-infested, pollen-covered porch that is stuck to the back of our 30-year old house and replacing it with a walled/windowed room. The photo above is the porch last Saturday afternoon. Notice the rickety stairs and ugly lattice work below. The steps will be replaced and my oh-so-talented husband has been busy drawing up plans for the new L-shaped deck he will build around the new porch.

Kendra and Bayley hard at work destructing the porch. Loved every minute of it, they did. They were sorry when it was over.

This is the porch with the side and back walls torn out. The white door leads into our kitchen now. You can also see the white window on the right of the photo. The window and door will be knocked out so the new room will extended all the way to the end of the house.

A good day's work done. Four walls gone. Hopefully you can see a bit of the great back yard view we have. Wonderful big trees and even a little stream.
The Porch Project continues Monday, April 16 when the contractor begins to weave his magic.
Stay tuned.....


Vader's Mom :

Now that is one huge project, but it is going to be fantastic when it's finished!!

Nadine :

I bet that will look so good when it's done. Have fun.

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