The Details


Do you often feel bogged down with details? So many little bits and pieces to remember you feel your head might spin off, fall on the floor and damand "no more!"? Do you sometimes feel your list is getting the better of you?

Thought so.

Me, too.

My drive to work consists of sipping on coffee and making notes - both mental and written - about all of things I must do that day, forgot to do yesterday, need to remember tomorrow, and want to think about in the future. My mind is a myriad of information, often not really very important, but never-the-less there.

It's a fact of life, all these details. It seems like the more technology advances us, the more information and details it produces. That's why I refuse to get a Blackberry. I don't want my emails to be able to reach me at all times of the day and night. Because then I would want to read them.

But I still know God is in the details. He's just not in the details I spend most of my day worrying about.

God is in the blue of my son's eyes.
God is in waterfalls and in the petals of a buttercup.
He camouflages birds to match their homes amidst the trees and leaves.
He made my fingerprint unique among millions
And did the same for each snowflake on a winter's day.
God is there each time we see rainbows and rivers, fog and moonlight.
God is in the details.

Every last one.

The important details He creates.
The unimportant He helps us manage.


Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

What a beautiful post!

Momma Roar :

What a wonderful post! What a beautiful reminder!

Susan :

He who knows the number of the hairs on our head certainly knows all about the details. Wonderful reminder, Jill.


Sandy :

I love this!
I came over from Nadine's to visit. I'll be back!

justabeachkat :

You're so very right! And aren't we lucky?! Great post.

Sue :

You're right. We get kind of sucked in by details and lists. But it's great to stop and notice
the details.

Great post!

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