First, Learn to Help Yourself


I think one of the most important things young children can learn is the importance of helping others. And I think one of the ways they can learn to help others is to learn to help themselves. At our house we call this "learning life skills".

Adam, at 16 months old, knows how to take his clothes off and carry them to his clothes hamper. He also takes great delight in putting his diaper in the diaper genie. If he could get into the bathtub himself, he would, but he needs a little boost right now. He is learning how to scrub his hair once I put the shampoo in. He takes his plate or bowl to the counter when he's finished eating, and he is usually pretty good about putting his toys and books away. We help him with this by singing "pick it up and put it in the basket". Nothing makes chores a little more fun than song and dance. Even if it's mom doing the (bad) singing!

We think Adam also needs to learn the end result of doing things he's not supposed to do. Saturday he managed to fling all of his pasta and sauce around the kitchen in the time it took me to put a load of laundry from the washer into the dryer. I was mere steps away but not within his sight. The oven, pantry door and floor were covered. He got a strong talking to, emphasized by a thump on the diapered bottom. And we made him help clean up the mess. Suffering consequences is the first step in learning right from wrong.

The "rod" of discipline comes in many forms. Its effectiveness comes not in its size or hardness, but in its consistency and delivery. I hope our son's life skills are many and varied. And I hope he will seek to honor others by extending hand and heart to someone in need.

The rod of correction imparts wisdom,
but a child left to himself disgraces his mother.
~ Proverbs 29:15


Annie :

Great job!
You are training him up and your extra work doing so will pay off.
I have more trouble doing it for the sake of getting it done. It is so important to slow down and let them learn too. Thanks for the reminder.

Nan :

Nice post. :^)

Thanks for your comment on my blog this morning. I love your blog design. So cute!

Corrie :

You are right...consistency is the key. What a CUTE little face though!!! =)

Lynne :

You're doing it the right way. Wish I had done this a long time ago with my girls. I'm still paying the price for not teaching them the consequences of their actions.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

Jill, thanks so much for stopping by! I love making new friends & esp. Atlanta friends. I grew up in Marietta & have just been in B'ham a year and 1/2. I'll have to read more about your shop in, you're in the expensive part of town. ;) Way out of my yardsale loving league, LOL!
I've been down to Miami Circle many times, but only to browse. I used to go to Bargainata ALL the time years ago before they disbanded it.

Love the looks of your porch redo & will be back to see what else you're up to. Please stop by & visit me anytime!

Southern Hospitality

Dianne :

Great post!

Sue :

I'm with you on consistency. I can just picture him rubbing the shampoo in his hair - too cute.

Great post. And I'm sorry that your step-son has food allergies. Very scary stuff. I hope he outgrows at least some of them.

Sonya :

I think you're right on by training your son this early in the game. Kids do learn by example and they also learn there are consequences for their actions....we just have to be mindful of that and remember to hold them accountable. Nice job! Kuddos to you!

Nadine :

It's exactly what I would have done. Consistency is so important with little ones. Thanks for sharing.

justabeachkat :

Starting out early is the key for sure! And making it seem like fun makes it easier too. Loved the photo. He's a cutie pie!

Sandy :

I am a firm believer of consequences! Great job on the post. Hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day! Adam is a cutie, too.

Susan :

Oh what wonderful, good training. Wish I'd known to do that when mine were that age :o)

Bev :

Hoorah - parents teaching kids. I was in line at Walmart yesterday and an urchin of a kid stood there pestering me, rifling through my groceries, while I swear his mother had her nose in a magazine, oblivious to what her son was doing. Seriously. I'm encouraged as all get out that there are parents out there who still care, and start early. xoxo

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

I need to do so much better at this! I am so guilty of doing it myself because it will be faster. Thanks for the great example and encouragement!

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