For The Love of A Horse (continued...)


continued from Part I below:

...He couldn't believe that someone had tried to throw something at the horses. Hours later, as they boarded the bus that would take them home, he was still so very sad. As they drove the dark stretch of highway home to Chicago, he studied the Derby program. Over and over he read the pages. And then he got an idea....

The next day he set about writing a letter to each staff and management person listed in his program. Each letter was carefully hand-written and thought out. Each time he said how much he loved The Derby, and how much he loved The Horses. He related his story about the drunk-fest he'd endured. And then he asked, humbly, if there was anything he could do, work during the summers for example, that would help him get a seat in the stands.

Only one man wrote back. He was a stable hand and grounds keeper. He'd been there a few years. He wasn't in a position to make any decisions, offer any jobs, or offer any tickets. But he was so touched, he said, that he would keep the letter forever. He, too, had a love of the horses.

Years passed. My professor never again went to The Derby, but never lost his love of the Race and of the horses.

One day his mother called to say that she'd gotten a strange letter from the offices of the Derby. She sent the letter to him.

"You may not remember me, but I remember you. Several years ago you wrote to me, asking what you could do to get a seat in the stands at The Derby. I couldn't help you then, but perhaps I can help you now. I've worked my way up through the ranks at Churchill Downs and I am now in a position to offer you two box seat tickets. I cannot give them to you. You must pay fair market price. But they are yours now and forever after, as long as you pay for them. Box seats don't come along often. But I have never forgotten your love of The Horse."

Needless to say, the Professor jumped at the offer. When he told us the story in 1987, he'd had the tickets for a few years. I imagine he still does. I imagine his love of The Horse has grown exponentially since then.

And I imagine he is there today, celebrating his Love of a Horse.


justabeachkat :

Wow...what a story teller you are! Loved, loved, loved this one!

Susan :

Wonderful story. I love stories like that where, no matter how long it may take, some one is rewarded as they should be.

Tammy :

This was a great story and you told it so well! :)

Vader's Mom :

That's a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing :)

Susan :

I love this! It reminds me of the time that DH and I spent in Lexington where so many had true "love for the horse". These creatures are absolutely amazing and the Derby, in my opinion, is mesmerizing...though I've never seen it live. I watch it before, during, and after to enjoy the pomp and circumstance that surrounds it.

Thanks for posting.


:-) Susan

Stephanie :

What an awesome story! I loved it. Thanks for sharing it.

MC :

That made me get a little weepy. I love when good things happen like that. It makes up for all the rest of the stuff that life sometimes throws our way! Thanks for the great story!

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