May Day


Construction paper rolled into cones.....

Styrofoam cups with colorful pipe cleaners for handles...

As a child, I eagerly anticipated May Day. It was much more exciting to me than Halloween because I didn't have to come up with a costume, and it was just as much about what the candy came in as the candy itself.

Ringing the doorbell and making a mad dash around the corner so as not to be seen added that extra thrill and sense of mystery.

And finding May Baskets on my front porch was a little slice of heaven on earth. The only time I ever "spied" someone leaving me a basket was in third grade when Mike Bramer lost one of his shoes running down the porch steps. But, I never told.

My mom was very creative, so we had some fun times through the years making and delivering May Baskets.

I'm not sure if May Baskets are still popular today, but I hope so. If not, I'm going to make them anyway when Adam gets a little older. I hope he will delight in the creativeness and anticipation as much as I did.

Until then, here's a little May Basket from my family to yours.

Happy May Day everyone!


Tammy :

Jill, wow...I'm glad you visited my May Day post because this was so fun to read!
It made me a little jealous, though...because in my neck of the woods, May Day just isn't celebrated at all anymore! I have never had anyone leave baskets for me, as a child or as an adult. Boohoo...but I think that is why I want to have my girls pick up this tradition all the more.
How fun for you that you have such wonderful memories making and receiving baskets!

Momma Roar :

This is a tradition I am totally unaware of. The only thing I ever related to May Day was the pole and its ribbons. I've read a few blogs about these May Baskets and I think this would be a fun tradition to start when my children get a little older. Thanks for sharing your memories!!

I sure hope Mike or his family don't read your blog!! ;-)

Amber Kay :

I'm not sure how I got here...but nonetheless, I LOVE MAY DAY!
My girls and I worked on our baskets last night and they wanted to deliver them at 7:30 am this morning to all of their friends!
I always made May Day baskets with my grandma and delivered them to all of my friends when I was young. I grew up in MN...maybe it's a Midwestern thing? Where are you from?
When I had kids, I wanted to be sure and carry on the tradition. Guess what we’re doing when I pick my kids up from DC…delivering May Day baskets!
I’ll have some pictures up on my blog tomorrow (
Have a great May Day!

Susan :

How very sweet. Thank you!

Annie :

Aw, I remember May baskets too!
I loved making them.
Thanks for the reminder.

Susan :

I can't really remember celebrating May Day...but I have read about it and thought it sounds so fun. I wish we still did things like this.


:-) Susan

Sandy :

Fun to read this post and visit your site!
Happy May to you!
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