Martha Stewart Would be So Unimpressed


The comedy underground was in full force at our house on Father's Day. I had good intentions, really I did. A Father's Day to rival Martha Stewart was all planned out in my head.

The weather was gorgeous. The floral arrangements perfectly coordinated with the linens, which were laid out on our wonderful new table on our brand new deck, overlooking our sprawling backyard.

The children were dressed in summer pastels, hair combed, teeth brushed.

Instead our morning started with Adam throwing up all over Doug and our bed. I'd brought the little angel into our room to wish Doug a happy Father's Day and the gift that keeps on giving came out in full force.

Great. Just great. Laundry to do and the sun wasn't even up and I hadn't had any coffee.

Later in the day, as I was folding the 6,961 load of laundry I heard a loud and nasty thump, followed by a few other noises and a curse word or two. Doug had fallen down the stairs. He was not hurt at all, except for a little rug burn on his elbow.

So, it's OK to laugh. Go right ahead. We have. Lots.

To make it even funnier, he told me later he and Kendra were standing at the top of the stairs and he started to come down and lost his balance. We think Kendra thought he was playing a joke.

['s OK to laugh. Get the full visual and let it all out. I've laughed with Doug about it 'til tears come to our eyes.]

So, a puke fest and a tumble down the stairs were the highlights Doug's Father's Day.

Maybe next year I'll just get him a tie and be done with it.


jmb :

Well Jill it's good that you can laugh at it. Because it will probably be a few years before it's a Martha Stewart occasion. Then you'll be saying, remember the year Adam threw up.... These are the memories that families treasure.

heidi @ ggip :

OH dear! How terrible and funny. I think that the intentions were there, and that's what counts!

Stephanie :

I love the laugh until tears come out your eyes thing. That was us in the Family Truckster when the eldest stepdaughter yelled out "your butt" as hubby was describing something "big and round". Too funny! I love those moments.

justabeachkat :

A Father's Day to remember. Funny stuff!

Leah in Iowa :

Oh man ~ what a day! I'm sorry it started out to be such a dud, but I'm glad you all could laugh about it in the end. Sounds like you have yourself a mighty fine husband if he can laugh about both of those things happening to HIM on Father's Day!!

Nadine :

The poor guy. My daughter can't help but laugh when someone falls - literally rolling on floor laughng. I'm glad he wasn't hurt and next year it will be better. Thanks for sharing his unique day.

KT :

This will be a great story for future Father's Days. Please don't make it a tradition, though! Just the story, no re-enactments! ;-)

Carrie :

Well that sure is an eventful day! LOL Glad that he wasn't hurt too badly, and I'm hoping the puke fairy has left the building.
God bless :)

Knit-Wit :

Martha Stewart has nothing on you guys! She would be in therapy if her day turned out this way. This is one Father's Day which will be remembered forever.

Sonya :

Ok, I'll admit it...I laughed....Hard! But you told me too! Throw up and rug burns, isn't that what being a father is all about?!!! LOL! I'm glad you were both able to laugh about it! At least it will be one to remember!

Annie :

Aw poor guy! I didn't laugh. I am so glad he wasn't hurt. poor guy (I think I already said that).
The good news is (you know I always have to have a reason to be 'glad') you did not cause any of the unfortunate events of the day. Now if you had accidentally tripped him or left something on the stairs... maybe some guilt but it was beyond your control. Martha Stewart couldn't have prevented that either!

Susan :

My goodness!! It'll be one to remember for sure. Glad you all have laughed about it.

I've been using Publisher to make my headers. It's pretty easy that way. You just create the image, then save it as a picture. Then insert into the blog.

:-) Susan

Jamie :

It isn't funny but then again it is!! Man, the luck was not running in your house that day!!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

Even though it didn't go as planned, I guess it was certainly memorable! I am sure you will be laughing for years to come at the memories!

Shawna :

That is something you can laugh at for years!! I have a few stories like that about my husband that when I just think about them, I die laughing!

Hope Adam's feeling better!

Vader's Mom :

Ok, I'm really really sorry, but I started laughing before you gave me permission. The whole curse word thing got me!! :) I'm glad that he's ok though!!

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