My Life After 6pm


When your living room looks like this...

And your red-hot smokin' husband....

is hard at working building this....

What's a girl to do except go to bed with a Snicker's Dark Chocolate bar and a glass of red wine... or a couple of slices of pizza and a Diet Coke..take your pick.

And, oh my goodness... I'm reading a book that just might be in my Top Five of All Time. More on that, and a very special summer bloggy surprise, in just a few days.


Stephanie :

You just CAN'T leave me hanging on the name of the book if it's in the TOP 5 OF ALL TIME! Unfair, I cry. I absolutely, positively must know the title!

justabeachkat :

Do tell! I want to know too.

Tracey Kirksey :

Okay, heading to the beach in a have to tell the name of the book!

So, is he building a deck? We have a huge deck that is in DIRE need of repair! Alabama isn't too far from ya! ;-)

Susan :

Your solutions sound very smart!

Lori :

Snickers bar and red wine - those would be my two vices!

Yes, I'm also in suspense for the title of the book - please tell soon!

Jamie :

I have so been there living like that! So much fun!! :)

I do like your solution to the issue...good thinking girl!!

Sonya :

Give up the name of the book! The deck is going to be awesome and you'd better give your hubby some good lovin' for all the sweatin' he's doin'! LOL!! Can't wait to see the finished product! And OH I love your bookcases in the LR!

Sandra :

Well you can't just leave and not tells what book you're reading, I'm a bookaholic, this is torture. LOL

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