The Porch Project - End of Week 7


We're moving right along on The Porch Project, with the installation of HVAC and subflooring, but there was really nothing to show in photos this week. This coming week the drywallers come, which you know means dust up the wazoo.

My hubby just told me about the firm conversation he had with the contractor saying the drywalling must be done by Friday. We're on vacation the week of June 11-15 and since we decided to stay home and work on the house instead of go to the beach, we figured we should at least have some nice air to breathe.

We've decided to call the new room The Keeping Room, a nice Southern term for a room off the kitchen.

In other events, The Deck Project is coming along well. My talented husband is building the deck, with a little help from a couple neighbors. Here's a photo of the work in progress...

We also purchased this deck furniture this weekend. It's wrought iron with a glass top table. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions and input.


Jamie :

Very nice table and chairs! That will look great on your NEW deck!!

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