Refresh & Relax


I'm officially on vacation (but I'll still be blogging).

I've had this week off from work penned on the calendar since mid-February. Doug and I always take this same week off each year. Kendra and Bayley are here the whole week and we also celebrate Doug's birthday (June 15) and Father's Day (June 17).

We usually go to the beach, but this year we decided our house project needed our time.

We also plan to:

* sleep late (at least until 7:30!!)
* wear shoes only when necessary
* eat tomato sandwiches and potato chips
* swim, swim, and swim some more
* read and watch movies
* break in the new deck with a party for Doug's 45th birthday
* and anything else that comes up

And, y'all, I had no idea I'd stir up such EMOTION with my little blurb about the book I'm reading. I'll tell you soon...and make it fun with a new bloggy thing I've been wanting to start.

See you soon....


Susan :

Good for you, for taking time to RELAX! I'm so bad at that...I have to make myself do it even though I have the summer off.

Wishing you a restful week...especially since you have us all in suspense over this book!!!

:-) Susan

Vader's Mom :

Well, enjoy your vacation!!

I can't wait to hear all about this book. I'm still trying to plow my way through The Bourne Supremacy and I'm in need of something "good and different." (Not in any way impling that the Bourne books aren't good...)

Jody :

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can't wait until I can read more thoroughly through yours! We seem to hae a few things in common- Scorpio, Iowa, husbands named Doug... :)

Tracey Kirksey :

sounds like a wonderful week!

emotion stirred up...get to posting, girl! I gotta know before I go to the beach! I bought "gods in Alabama" but would love to take another book if you highly recommend it!

By the way, nothing better in the summertime than home grown tomatoes, white bread and a jar of mayo! Yummy!

Omaha Mama :

I love that beach picture of you!!! Thanks for popping over to my place! Hope that you have a great week off.

Susan :

Sounds like a good plan to me.

justabeachkat :

Sounds like a plan. Better still...make your tomato sandwich, kick off your shoes and sit by the pool with a tall glass of iced tea and a good book. Oh, and some chocolate.


Momma Roar :

Sounds like a perfect week! Enjoy!

Nadine :

That really sounds like fun. Sometimes the best vacations are just staying home and relaxing. Your porch is coming along nicely.

Jamie :

Have a great vacation!!

It is so nice to have time off with no BIG plans. Do what you want when you want.

Sue :

Enjoy your vacation. I love vacations at home. Our week of vacation is the last week of June. I can't wait too.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

Hi, Jill, hope you have a wonderful, fun week on vacation at home. Sometimes those are the best.

I just caught the shots of your LR/Study & it's so pretty! You've done a great job with your house & I can't wait to see more.

I see the uproar about the book you're reading. I'll have to come back & see what it is too. I see you have Redeeming Love on your list & one of my best friend's told me I must read it, so I will definitely do that. Heard it from someone else on my blog too, so it must be great.

Have a wonderful week!

Southern Hospitality

Sandra :

So you're STILL not telling us about the book??? LOL

I know what you mean about vacations, sleeping in at LEAST until 7:30am, that is a good day in our home. hehehe

Have a great week, hope you get lots of rest.

Jill :

I just found your blog, and I love it. I'm another Jill stepmom!

Leah in Iowa :

Just read your comment on my blog - thanks! Sorry I haven't stopped by to visit you in awhile. I lost you! I hadn't added you to my bloglines, but you're there, safe and sound, now. I also added you to my sidebar. I like you that much! =)

Looks like the house projects are coming along. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Also, sounds like you have something new planned. I'll be checking back frequently to see what that's all about.

Have a great week!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe :

In my next life I am going to come back as a grain of sand~ rather than a sandi

Glad I stumbled into your world! I'll be back.

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