Even More Decked Out


I thought I'd give you and update on our deck, which has been built
almost single-handedly by my husband.

This is the view after the porch was framed, but before
those darn 'ole rickety stairs were sent to stair heaven.

Aaaah.... that's better. This is the view just
this afternoon after hubby set nearly 150
ballisters all by himself...while I went shopping
with my sidekick :o)

By the way, have I ever mentioned I have a
red-shot smokin' husband?


Kelly :

I stop by and read you once in awhile and I always leave with a smile. (no poetry intended) Thanks for sharing your husband's handywork! My husband just completed a 6-month-long remodel of our basement and it is absolutely beautiful! Aren't we blessed?!!!!!!! Anyway, love your blog.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

I am very impressed with your handy husband! That is going to be such a wonderful space for your family!

Susan :

Very good job and good looking husband.

Vader's Mom :

Wow. He did a great job!! I'm so impressed by people who are motivated and can do those things themselves. We're the hiring kind over here.

Tracey Kirksey :

Jill, I am SO impressed with the deck and sunroom! Ours is in major disrepair and needs H-E-L-P! It's a huge deck though, the whole length of our house, probably 50ft long x 20ft wide and I am trying to convince hubby that he can do it!!!

Leah in Iowa :

Wow ~ nice looking deck! You guys will have so much fun with that new space! And way to go, hubby! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but it's sure nice to know that Jill is more than making up for it, shopping and all! =)

Talk..to..Grams :

Wow! That looks like it was a big project and your nice looking husband did a great job!!
Thanks for the visit, and yes, I lived in Iowa when I was little girl and lived a few miles from Ames and Boone! On a farm.But,that was over 60 years ago! I visited my cousins last summer and that was fun.

Annie :

I echo Susan!
It all looks great!

Sonya :

I think you mentioned once that you had a red hot smokin' husband! LOL! You crack me up with that! Does he get totally embarassed? I think his handy work looks awesome and I can just see y'all (at least you) sitting up there with your merlot and dark chocolate! Love it!

Sandy :

Well done, Jill!
I'm fortunate to have a handy hubby too.

Christy :

Hey Jill..thanks for stopping by. Your blog is too cute. Look forward to reading more of it. Maureen from the G.I. board took a tour of the Humprhey's home and shared her pics. That place is amazing!!! Sometimes the bigger a house it, the less attractive it is but not in their case. Everything is just so gorgeous! Very detailed.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

I think you did mention that once or twice, but I don't blame you a bit...for reminding us about your red-hot smoking hubby! LOL

Great job on that deck! You are blessed to have a handy hubby...alas, mine is not. He's handy other ways, but not in the building department. :)


justabeachkat :


Love the looks of your new deck and getting another look at your hubby :-)

I had to laugh at Rhoda's remark since I was just about to say the same thing. So funny!


Judi :

What an awesome place. Your hubby is doing a great job. And yes you have mentioned the red-hot smokin' husband. He is very attractive. ;)

Nadine :

He's doing a great job and yes your husband is very good looking. You both make a very nice looking couple.

Dianne :

I agree with everyone else...Your deck looks great and your husband IS a cutie! :-)

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

Holy cow! That's awesome. I love your lot, by the way.

And yes he is good lookin'! ;)

Bev :

Hope he was able to see the note - bet he was struttin for days over that one!

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