A Lymerick


A basket of books by the door.
A little boy sits on the floor.
On the deck he did read.
With passion, not speed .
"Mama. Peez. Book. More."


Steph :

Great lymerick! And a precious little boy!

Dianne :

Oh my WORD! I LOVE THAT! And the picture is precious as well....GREAT post! :-)

justabeachkat :

Oh Jill, what a cutie pie! Don't cha just want to eat him with a spoon? Very cute lymerick.


justabeachkat :

Hi again. I've given you an award :-)


Carrie :

Great lymerick, and what a cute picture!
God bless :)

Nadine :

Great picture...love the lymerick.

Annie :

Love it!

Knit-Wit :

Too sweet. I'll bet it's hard to resist him.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

How fun! That was great, and he could not be any cuter!

Corrie :

What a sweetie! Great that he already loves books, too! I enjoyed your diaper bag post!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll stop by your's again, for sure!
Have a great day!

Given Grace :

Books and boys!

What a cutie!

He looks the same age as my grandson....they are so fun!
Very hard to resist.


Susan :

Start them early. I love my joy and love of books. It adds so much to our lives.

Lori :

He is precious! I see he has your love for books... start 'em young, they always say.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

That is just too cute, as is that precious little boy. He's just a doll!


Happy Working Mom :

He's unbelievably cute!!!!

Jamie :

How cute is he!!

Tammy :

A cute limerick and even cuter little guy! :D What a great photo!

Tracey Kirksey :

LOVE IT!!! He is so precious and very cute lymerick too! Aren't you just a big bag of talent!!!

workinthatpreppy :

precious...would you like to come up with a poem for a birthday invite for a girl turning 12 and one turning 13? haha

Sonya :

Very cute little man! Love the lymerick!

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