Maybe the slow person in line ahead of you suffers from debilitating pain.
Maybe the lady down the street was hoping for the best but found out the worst.
Maybe the man tries and tries, but is always told it's never good enough.
Maybe the little girl wishes she had a friend.

Maybe she just lost her only child and wishes it were her instead.
Maybe he found out his unwavering trust has been tested once again.
Maybe they have been told they will never be able to have children.
Maybe she found she's having another and feels she can't afford the ones she has.

Maybe that little boy is hurt by harsh words.
Maybe those children are hungry and cold.
Maybe the mom you pass each day wishes for one night without being slapped.
Maybe the man wants to see his kids more than ten days a month.

Maybe the lady you felt was so rude spent all night with her friend in the E.R.
Maybe the guy who barks out your lunch order lost a job because he drank too much.
Maybe the teenager has lost himself with a crowd he's trying to please.
Maybe his parents try to buy his love with things instead of time.

Maybe that homeless man's words are poems he wrote.
Maybe all the little girl asked Santa for last year was a warm coat.
Maybe those obnoxious children are crying out for a firm hand and safe arms.
Maybe the little old lady needs a hand to hold.

Maybe the lady who never smiles came home with empty arms many years ago.
Maybe the couple beside you who never says hello wish for close friends.
Maybe your boss has never really felt he's worth much at all.
Maybe the garbage man gives half of what he earns to missions and charities.

Maybe they have to buy medicine before they can buy food.
Maybe they buried a loved one yesterday.
Maybe their children never call.
Maybe their mother or father can't remember them any more.

Maybe one day that might be you, or it might be me.
Maybe we could be more understanding.
Maybe we could be the first to offer a smile or say hello.
Maybe we could help someone get back up, just one more time.

copyright 2007 - Jill Norwood


Steph :

If we could all just remember this!

Lynne :

That's beautiful. Something to really think about. Thanks.

Leah in Iowa :

Everybody has a story and is who they are (in part) because of their experiences. Instead of trying to figure out what their problem is, we should all just offer some grace! Thanks for making me think!!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

Very very true. You never know what someone else is going through. And looks can be very deceiving. My mom always taught me to be aware of "angels in digsuise."

Thanks for sharing this...

Vader's Mom :

Very powerful thought for a Monday and yet again, something I needed to read. Thanks.

Beth :


That should be some kind of ad to broadcast to the masses. Might change the way many people think...

Kim :

Very thought provoking!


justabeachkat :

Oh Wow!


Nadine :

Great post Jill. Very well said.

workinthatpreppy :

Wow...That was beautiful! I would love to donate a bag for your bookclub. My e-mails to you keep bouncing back:(

Jamie :

That is very interesting! We never think of those things when stuff happens or we think someone has a problem or a bad attitude or just aren't their self.

Dianne :

That's a great post and something I know we could all afford to remember EVERY day.

Thanks for the reminder. Very poweful.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

Thanks for sharing that. Maybe I should stop to think about others instead of myself! Thanks for reminding me. Have a great day!

workinthatpreppy :

Your e-mail still came back: this is what i said
Normally, it would take about a week but I am busy with a wedding...monogramming for a friend and we leave next week for the, at least by the first of August I would hopefully have it done. I hope to have a pic on my blog tomorrow of a bag that you could see. I have been doing these bags for my friend's b-days but I do sell them for $50.00 which includes the monogram. I am not a very good business person and hate even asking anything, but the time and materials really cost $. My hubby says "as long as you break even"!

Tracey Kirksey :

powerful, thought provoking post. Something we need to slow down and remember each day, don't we?!

Bev :

This was fabulous - when my brother died a few years ago, and I drove down the road somewhat oblivious much of the time, I thought of all the people around me, in the grocery store line, etc. who were maybe going through something really tough,and that thought still comes back to me now and then. Thank you for this reminder - I'm going to print it out.

Knit-Wit :

Great perspectives. Perhaps those folks driving slow (your previous post)were a few of these people. I'll remember this next time I'm in a hurry. :

Very Good!I need to remember this, too!

Annie :

That is so true Jill.
Thank you for sharing it.

Jill Davis Doughtie :

That is beautiful. Thanks for posting it.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe :

Thank you for reminding us what is really important!

jilly :

I love this, would you mind if I posted it on my blog?

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