Adventures in Shopping


I get teased about a lot of things around my office. For instance, I have a thing for cleanliness and neatness and, when working with a bunch of men who cut, sand and paint fine frames, that can be a hard goal to attain. Another of my quirks is the amusing shopping and errand lists I give the office assistant.

Honestly, if I were her, I would squeal at the thought of getting out of the office for an hour or so to shop with someone else's money. And, since you know I have the whole beverage thing, I'd make my first stop the Chick Fil-a drive thru for a large unsweet tea with two Splendas.

Just so you can get a feel for the variety of the errands I conjure up, a list last week included a bank deposit, buying certain feminine supplies for the front bathroom plus 8 travel sized toothpastes for the owner, dropping a pair of shoes off to get the heels cut down, and a quick stop at the liquor store for Fernet Branca, a spirit known to cure nausea (for one of the messy guys in the back).

I'm also known to be a real stickler for efficient errand running, which means I've trained everyone to make lists. The most reliable list maker is one of two Vietnamese brothers who have been with us for nearly 14 years. They are in charge of cleaning the messy back studio.

One day last week he put the following shopping list on my desk:

Next time store, please buy:
1. Four toilet cleaner bottle use upside down
2. Three cleaner with scrubbing bubbles men
3. Four Kill! Virus! Spray!
4. One large hand soap

On another shopping note, I want you all to know my mascara dilemma is now over, because I have found Dior Show Mascara. It rocks.
I look for five things in a mascara
1. The suction on the wand when it comes out of the tube (sorry, there's not a more delicate way to put it)
2. The shape of the brush on the wand
3. The way it goes on.. not too thin, not too thick, not too sticky
4. Wearability - I don't want to fork over $23 for dark circles by mid-day. I can get those for free just living life with a toddler.
5. Removability - When I want to take it off, I want it to come off with soap and water.
Go! Buy! Now!


Tracey Kirksey :


I am such a list maker too! I do it on my Palm Pilot usually every night before I go to bed and then print it out so I can have those neat little check-boxes to check off as I accomplish my many tasks!

I am going to have to check out that Mascara!!! You are so right in your list of 5 things to look for---I have yet to find one I'm happy with. Mascara, is one of my essentials! I never leave home without applying it!

Much love,

Annie :

I love lists too & have quite the beverage thing also!

I'm headed to try out the mascara, I hate mine right now...

justabeachkat :

Thank you, thank you for finding what sounds like the perfect mascara since it meets the perfect 5 list.

I'm a list maker too so this will now be on my list.

Speaking of list, his list was hysterical!


Steph :

If I don't have a list I can't seem to get anything done!
I love the guy's list! Too funny!

Sonya :

I'm bad..I always buy whatever mascara is cheap and isn't in a pink bottle with a green screw off top! LOL! My current mascara was about to run out a month or so ago when I decided I had no time to go to the store. I just added a few drops of water to the bottle, shook it like nobody's business and viola! It went on smooth and better than it ever had. I hate to spend much money on make up when I'd rather use it for books! LOL!

I love the list the little guy left you. That's a good one!

April :

Hi - delurking - I'm a GA girl too!

Love the list making - even though mine is usually in my head b/c with 3 little ones to hold hands to get everywhere, I don't have a finger to hold a list!

Knit-Wit :

I've learned when I have a list, I get things done. Unfortunately I don't do a very good job of making lists. Maybe that should be at the top of my list of things to do. :)

Thanks for the mascara tip - I'll definately try it out.

Sue :

I am obsessed with lists. I do them all in Excel - I can't live without that program.

And I had to tell you that I was typing an e-mail to a friend and I noticed that in the first sentence, I put in 2 "thats". I took them out and how neat - the sentence sounded fine w/o them. :) You taught me something! Thanks.


Lori :

If I don't make lists, I just don't remember... I guess my age is catching up with me!

Was just discussing mascara last week with a co-worker... this is very helpful information to share!

Thanks for sharing everyday living... very fun!

Vader's Mom :

That's my kind of shopping list. Sounds like you have him well trained.

Lyndy :

I have heard great things about that mascara.

I am a list maker too...especially the older I get. ;-)

Hugs, Lyndy

Jamie :

Nothing wrong with being organized and clean. You go girl.

Have you ever tried Mary Kay Ultimate mascara? Very good stuff!

Nadine :

Thanks for the tip on the mascara. I hate the one I'm using now. It doesn't come off easy with soap and water.

Shawna :

I'm guessing the list was to kill out whatever the "messy" guy in the back had;)!! Ha!

I've found a great mascara that I really like, too: Almay Triple Effect. The first time I wore it the lady who cuts my hair and one of her other clietns told me that couldn't believe those were my natural lashes! They didn't believe I had any mascara on!

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