The Last Word


Adam, the little bugger, is developing quite a personality. Most of the time it's charming and so darn cute you'll often find me clapping dramatically while aaaahing and oooooing. The past couple weeks he's begun repeating the last word of nearly every sentence spoken to him.

Me: Adam, did you have a good day?
Adam: Day!
Me: Did you play with toys?
Adam: Toys!

You get the idea.

Today, when I had to put him in the naughty chair, this mimicking became so funny I could barely keep a straight face.

Me: Adam, do you know why you're in the naughty chair?
A: Chair!
Me: You have to sit here because you disobeyed.
A: Bayed!
Me: You do not tell mommy "no-no."
A: Moe!
Me: What do you say to mommy?
A: Mommy!
Me: You say, Yes, ma'am.
A: Man!

Later, we were playing in the living room and a fishing show came on. The camera panned a close-up onto a man holding a fish he'd caught.

"Look at that man holding the big fish!", I exclaimed.

Without missing a beat, Adam said, "Yes, man!" "Yes, man!" and promptly sat down in the naughty chair.

At least he's trying.


Lori :

I love that cute picture of Adam... I bet it's hard to put him in the naughty chair when he looks at you with those beautiful eyes!

justabeachkat :

How the photo and your sweet post.


Tracey Kirksey :

awwwww, that is so precious!!! I miss those days!

He is soooooooooooooo cute!

Stephanie :

Kids are so hilarious! I love that story. I love how they are absolutely literal about everything. Adam is such a cutie... he reminds me of those days with mine.

Carrie :

That is soooo funny! Cute pic!
God bless :)

Knit-Wit :

Too cute! I love this age. They bring so much joy and humor into our lives.

Jamie :


Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

So cute! My daughter used to try to get it right, but then she would say "yes, sir" to me or "yes ma'am" to my hubby. It's funny when they try so hard but still don't get it quite right!

Bella :

Bless his much to take in.

Tashasc30 :

cute picture

Given Grace :

Adam is just adorable.

This is such a fun age, watching them as they try so hard to learn, and as they try putting it all together!

Sometimes I find myself having to turn my back from my grandson, just to smile and hide my chuckles!

Judi :

How funny! What a character.

Sonya :

He sure is a handsome little devil! Kids say the funniest stuff and it's usually when we adults need to keep a straight face!

Ang baylis :

He is absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

I want grandchildren!!! (Please, Lord... in the right order!!!)

Nadine :

That's so cute. I love when they are learning to talk - nothing is more precious.

Dianne :

Cute story...and he is ADORABLE!

~Robyn~ :

How adorable! I love that age, I miss it so much in mine. Enjoy! (not that you needed me telling you that, lol)

Susan :

Oh that is precious.

Annie :

What a doll!

Sue :

That is too cute. I love those first "conversations".

Shawna :

So funny!!! My daughter is about his age. She has learned that giving kisses and saying sorry very quickly gets her "less" punishments.

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