Channeling Molly Ringwald


It's 3:29 am here at the rwood Ranch. Just letting you know in case you thought I sleep like normal people who have small children and work 50 hours a week.

Which leads into the nice, clean transition to my topic for today: Molly Ringwald.

And my reason for writing about Molly Ringwald: My right ear has been pierced with three holes in my earlobe and one at the top of my ear since 1986.

My left ear still has just one.

I have 4 holes in my right ear because, back in 1986, I was trying to be all creative and trendy and hip like Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink.

That wrist full of bangles!

Those lace top socks!

I pulled for Duckie the whole movie. His undying love for her was priceless.

The scenes of her cutting up and remaking her prom dress danced in my head for months.

I was a high school senior in 1986. My prom dress was tea length pink lace, straight off the sale rack from some cheap clothing store.

I was permed and tanned and quadruple earring'd.

I haven't worn multiple earrings in my right ear for at least 20 years, but in the back of my mind I know I could do it at any moment.

I could be totally 1980's on my right side...and classic and timeless on the left.

I just hope it doesn't correlate to my brain. I need to be in the present as much as possible.


Sonya :

Duh, more than one hole! See, my head is already back in some different era! I can't spell!

Sonya :

LOL! I never had the nerve to get my ears pierced with more than one hold. In 86', I had just entered 8th grade and those types of things were all the rage. However, I was still a geeky little tomboy! I say, go ahead, put your 80s on!

maggi :

Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, etc., etc...Molly was SOOOO Cool!

Tracy :

Molly was adorable. Such a pretty pouty mouth. I would have never been that brave in "86. I was a sophomore that year. Nope, I was very straight laced. It wasn't until 3 years ago that I got brave. And got a tattoo! Yep. It shocked everyone I knew... especially my children! (It's a cute little butterfly on top of my foot.)

Annie :

I LOVED that movie!!! I loved Duckie too! It was one of the first movies matt and I saw together and I questioned whether or not he was the 'one' when he hated it and spoke negatively about Molly.

*carrie* :

I used to own Sixteen Candles--on VHS, of course. How could Molly's family forget her birthday?!

It would be fun to see a picture of you in your pink prom dress . . . =)

Just Mom :

Wow. I didn't know anyone actually remembered that movie -- or Molly Ringwald. Those were the days, huh.

Knit-Wit :

Thank goodness you were a teen in the 80's and not today! Molly would have "Pretty in Pink" in a skimpy little black thing with her belly button, nose, and tongue pierced! Ugh!

Melene :

Except for only having one earring in each ear, I could have written this post! Thanks for being so clever at such a not-so-clever-hour-of-the-morning-to-be-awake!

Judi :

How funny! Loved Molly Ringwald!

Short Stop :

LOL! I LOVE this movie and the 80's. I dance around my house to the 80's music on my iPod while my kids nap!! LOL!! Thanks for taking me down memory lane!

BTW, I pulled for Duckie, too!! :)

kdwhorses :

I loved the movie as well! The good old classics!! I found you via Momma Roar's blog!

Beaufort Belle :

I too was a HS senior in '86. I have 3 holes in my left ear and two in my right but never wear more than 1 pair or earrings at a time.

However I do miss the preppy 80's...If only I had kept all my accessories!!! :::sigh:::

Ang baylis :

I love it! I am too boring... only one hole! Maybe I should do another one as part of my mid-life crisis! Just kidding!!!

I graduated in 1980!

Vader's Mom :

I just love Molly. And those movies were so fun. I still sit and watch them everytime I can find them on tv.

Susan :

I am NOT going to ask why you are thinking about Molly Ringwald at that awful hour! I mean even if it WAS a trip down memory lane...

I have to say I was thinking today about trends and how they come and go. For example, I'm kind of excited that the longer skirt is back. And as I was thinking, my head went back to the 80's and some of the fashions and I was wondering if things like leggings would really ever come back.

The only difference between the two of us is I thought about this at like 3:29PM NOT AM!!

Get some sleep, friend! I mean you can rest knowing that you "could fill those holes if you'd like to".

Hugs to you!!

:-) Susan

Paige's Petals :

Stopped by to introduce myself! I saw your comment on Kat's blog. Pop over to my blog sometime! By the way, I love sweet tea too! :

Hope you got some sleep!! I just found your comment saying you were up in the middle of the night!!

Thanks for thinking of me going to the Dr's!! He already changed my insulin and now has put me on a insulin pen and it seems hard to me..... Please pray I can catch on!! Blessings Grams

Sandy :

I did the same but had 3 on both sides. I LOVED that movie and after it came out wanted to move to Hollywood and marry Andrew McCarthy ~ how sad is that.
I was a true brat pack fanatic and loved all those movies - 16 candles, St.Elmo's Fire, Breakfast Club...
Have a fabulous day and thanks for the trip down my 1980's memory lane.
Sandy :)

KT :

Thanks for the blast from the past! In 1986 I was a high school junior....sigh.

I too did the ear-piercing thing but only 2 holes on each side. Those 2nd holes were done without my parents' knowledge, and with my long Farrah-Fawcett 'do I was able to conceal that fact for several months.

I haven't worn earrings since my oldest was born (1999) that my hair is so short, I'm thinking of digging out my old posts and maybe even those long feather earrings! (I was a little mixed up preppy/punk/earthy kid back then).

I so enjoy your blog!

Sandi McBride :

Since my ears were pierced before they slapped me on the butt to make me breathe (at least that's what they say, always thought the doctor was pissed off for me interrupting his golf game, actually)I never had the nerve to go get any more holes put in them. Why didn't you post a pic of yourself, tho? I'm sure you were much prettier than Molly...always thought her attractiveness was over rated, actually! Of course in the 80's I was mom to two boys who thought she was just HEAVEN, so that could account for that feeling. Enjoyed reading your blog!

Angi :

I so loved that movie! I rooted for Ducky too. Unfortunately, I too have many holes (4) in one ear. Ahhhh, the memories!

Christy :

I loved Molly back in the day. I can see why you'd want to dress like her. Sixteen Candles was my fave! :

Thanks for your prayers!! I have posted about my Dr's visit and it went real good!! I sure do appreciate your prayers! Love and Hugs, Grams

Jennifer in MS :

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the helpful information!

I loved Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink!!!

Have a great weekend!

justabeachkat :

Very funny post!


Corrie :

Ha ha ha...that is so funny. And I can relate...I have three holes in my left ear and only two in the right..I still wonder what got into me. Now I know: Molly Ringwald!

Dianne :

That is a hilarious post...we did crazy things back then, didn't we? And you comment, "I haven't worn multiple earrings in my right ear for at least 20 years, but in the back of my mind I know I could do it at any moment." is too funny!

Bella : dd (who is 15) actually has almost all the Molly movies and loves them to pieces. I have 3 holes in my left and 1 in the other and like you don't use those "extra" holes and haven't in 600 years.

Lyndy :

Jill, I can so relate being an 80's teenager myself. I also graduated high school in 86.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

Sue :

I tried the double piercing, but they never stuck. My earlobes are so small there isn't much room anyway. I love Pretty in Pink - brings me back.


Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

So funny! Molly was the greatest (sounds like you were a close second though). :)

Shawna :

You know, Halloween is coming up. . . a great time to find you inner 80s chic again!!

I loved all her movies. I watch them still.

Kate :

I love Molly!! I remember listening to the soundtrack from Pretty In Pink on my walkman constantly. I had my hair permed and cut just like hers and was always trying different shades to get that strawberry blond look.
Glad I wasn't the only one :)

Sandy :

Love this! memory lane is right, girl! ha ha

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

I was a HS senior in 1987. I LOVED all of the movies from that era. My junior prom dress was pink and tea length. ;)

I still heart the 80s. Sigh...

But I never did get more than one hole punched in each ear!

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