A Ten Ton Mosquito


Last week when Adam was sick, we had lots of cuddle time in the rocking chair in his room. One night, just as he was drifting off, a smaller commuter-type plane flew overhead.

Adam quickly sat upright and pointed toward the window.

Bug! Bug!

Then he laid his head back down and, in a whisper to himself...

BIIIG bug!


Leah in Iowa :

I had one of those buzzing my head yesterday morning before I got up! So aggravating those things!!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special :

Hi Jill, I hope Adam was talking about the airplane going over head to spray for bugs....They fly low over my house and I am thankful...I live on the marsh...his statement is too cute..... Baba

Ang baylis :

Okay... I hate bugs!
...but I hate snakes more!

You are so funny!

Sue :

That is too cute!

Sonya :

LOL! So cute!

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