What a Difference a Year Makes - Fall is in the Air


September 2006

September 2007


Vader's Mom :

He just keeps on getting cutier!!

Steph :

Wow, he looks so grown up! It's amazing what a difference a year can make at that age!

Lynne :

He's adorable!

justabeachkat :

Very cute!


Nadine :

Wow, it's amazing how quickly they grow.

Linda :

It really is amazing how fast they grow up. He sure is a cutie.

Susan :

I love the way you take these pictures with the same setting to show his growth. Yes, this year made a big difference.

Happy Working Mom :

He looks so much older! And absolutely adorable!

An Iowa Mom :

I love how you take pictures every year in the same place. I wish I would have done that ... and think I may start.

As for the picture ... simply adorable! :)

Have you decorated for Halloween already??? You are so ambitious.

Tammy :

Oh, so sweet...both times! :)

Tonja :

TOO cute!! How nice to compare the difference from the same location.
Beautiful Boy!

Bella :

He is such a cutie!

Ang baylis :

What a cutie!!!!!!

Leah in Iowa :

Isn't it scary how much they can grow in a year? Looks like he's become a little boy!

BTW, I've enjoyed your posts recently on marriage. Thanks for sharing and for being so transparent!

Susan :

He looks like a little "man" in the second photo. Wow. You're right...a year DOES make a difference.

:-) Susan

Shawna :

OMG! Such a huge difference. I posted some of my daughter like that last week. It's just amazing how much they grow and how much more we can love them!


Thanks so much for visiting my blog...your little guy is too cute!!

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