Birthday Wishes


I think birthdays are very important.

God chose a special day for each of us to enter the world.

So...I'd love to jot your birthday on my calendar.

Leave me a comment (with just the month and the day).

By the way, my birthday is November 13....just around the corner.

And it's the Big 4-0.


An Iowa Mom :

I just had mine. Sept. 14


Lynne :

Mine is February 6 - and I'm a lot older than you!

Leah in Iowa :

Mine is November 21st, and I'm right behind ya on the 40 thang!! I'm anxious to hear how your special day pans out. I'll be thinking of you! =)

Lennye :

Mine is Wednesday (24th), I will be 48!

Susan :

Mine is 12-25 - Yes, I'm a Christmas Baby and I will be 70!!!! E-gads.....I don't remember growing older. Mickey & I always tell everyone we are "recycled teenagers"!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

Mine is March 12. I'll be 34.

Pam :

Found you through Jmom at Lots of Scotts.

Had to stop and add my birthday to your list. Mine is Nov. 13th, too, and I am just one year older than you : ) I love being 40, except for the fact that I never have reading glasses handy when I need them! Yes, the eyes have been the first thing to go : )

Annie :

Hey Jill!
Mine is Aug 9. I just turned 38.

Lyndy :

I just had mine in August. I turn 40 next year.


Tammy : wonder birthdays are on your mind! The big 4-0 will do that to us! LOL But you are so young, really...on January 24th I'll be...gulp...4-5.

I don't like that. I was able to say early 40's up until now. ( are entering the EARLY 40's, you lucky duck.) :)

jeanetta :

june 23

Chery :

Hi Jill,
I was excited to get your sweet commnent about my little black chair. I picked it up at a yard sale this summer. When I bought it, it was red. I used it like that for a couple of months & then decided to paint it black & give it some fun poka dots!! My B-day is August 8th. I turned 43 in August. Turning 40 has be good to me!! Enjoy!! Chery:)

Ang baylis :

It worked this time! I was so excited to see this!!!!

My birthday is
February 14th! Yes... I am a Valentine's Day baby!

Thanks for asking!
Yours is right around the corner!
Angie xoxo

Melene :

I had my big 4-0 on May 15th and it was wonderful!

Thanks for the comment on Joe's Welcome Home picture! We are a happy family here!

Jody :

Mine is November 7- and I'm not far behind you ... I'll be 37 this year.

Steph :

April 13th!

Dianne :

This is a great idea, Jill! I did notice that you said to just give the month and date, but look how many people have added their ages! I guess since you went first, everyone felt safe...way to go! That's great! Mine is February 11 and I am 45. FYI, my 40th birthday was probably my best one ever and I have absolutely LOVED my 40's! You've got lots to look forward to. Thanks for doing this...informative and fun! :-)

Momma Roar :

July 10 - I'll be 33 on my next big day.

Nadine :

Mine was 9/25. You're going to be 40 really...don't look it from your pictures. I thought you were much younger. Don't worry you're goinging to make 40 look good.

Pina :

July 19. 38 this summer.

Tonja :

O.K. I'm of the 'older'generation also...mine is August 18.

Vader's Mom :

I love this idea! I collect people's birthdays too so I'm going to steal a few from you...

BTW - I didn't realize our birthdays were so close together. We need to meet somewhere and split some cake! Mine is November 19.

Melissa @ Breath of Life :

March 15th. I'll be the big 4-0 myself!

Happy Working Mom :

Mine is July 31st.

*carrie* :


Fun idea! My b-day is January 24--six weeks before my St. Patrick's Day due date!

Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings :

No Way!!! My Birthday is November 13th as well! I turn 39 this year.

Knit-Wit :

Welcome to the 40's decade! So far it has been the best! I'll be 42 next June

kdwhorses :

My birthday is April 30th-I will be 35 on my next birthday!
What are your big plans for you big day??

Given Grace :

Mine is Jan. 14. I'll be 44.

Just remember 40 is the new 20!!!

Jane :

What a sweet idea Jill....mine is August 5.

Susan :

Hooray for the 4-0!!! Mine's August 7th. I'll be 44 on the next one.

Hugs to you!!

:-) Susan

justabeachkat :

I just turned 55 on Sept. 24th. Age is just a number though.


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special :

Hi Jill, My birthday is December 7th.I will be 66 years old...This looks old writing it down in black and white...Have a good day. Baba

Angi :

October 31. I am a "treat" not a trick! :)

tulips4me :

Mine is October 29th.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

Hi, Jill, I'm playing catch-up as usual! My b'day is Dec. 6.


Sonya :

December 30....I'll be 34.

Shawna :

Mine was Sept. 16. Yeah, I'm a youngster at 29:). I really feel like I've just turned into an adult myself -- since Scamp was born anyway. And I'm making a note of all my blog buddies birthdays. Great idea!

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