Fall Fest Week - Welcome to my Home!


Welcome to my Fall Fest Week! I thought it would be nice to start things off by showing you around our home a bit. I don't decorate my house as much for fall as I do for Christmas, but my husband would tell you there is still a large number of plastic bins in the basement marked "Fall"...he hauls them up and down the stairs for me as the seasons, and thus the decor, changes.

Bayley, Adam the Lion, and Kendra greeting you on our front steps. Since it's still ninety-seven-eighty-hundred degrees, I have yet to buy mums or pumpkins this year. This was taken right before Halloween last year.

I collect pumpkins (and snowmen, too!). I cherish each and every one and know the where / who / when of each. I display most of them in this amoir in our library. Adam loves the pumpkin train. The tail of the cat in the middle car has been super-glued numerous times.

This is the display on the buffet in our dining room. This Thanksgiving I'll serve pumpkin soup out of that white pumpkin.

I cherish this ceramic pumpkin plate, made by my mom. She put this plate out every fall when I was growing up. I love to make her pumpkin bar recipe and serve them on this.

This neat guy hangs on the door to the laundry room.
Adam calls him "Punkin' Hair".

And finally, this will be the view from our kitchen and back deck in about a month. We live in a very suburban area but our back yard is thick with trees. When the leaves begin falling, it's a shower of gold, red and orange...right at our fingertips.


justabeachkat :

Loved seeing all the photos!

It's still soooo hot here...no Fall in sight. Bummer!


Dianne :

I like the pictures too Jill. I collect snowmen myself, but have never thought about pumpkins...what a great idea! Fun post!

Leah in Iowa :

Love your photos! I like it when people give me glimpses of their homes, and how they decorate. It's inspiring for me! =) Thanks!!

Vader's Mom :

Beautiful. Amazingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing your home with us.

Nadine :

Great photos. Adorable picture of the kids.

melissa :

Love seeing all your 'fallish' decorating!
Kat is so right, TOO HOT here!! :(


Steph :

Love your display on the buffet!

Lori :

I too have many "fall" bins that come out every October. I love decorating for fall almost as much as Christmas. It's definitely my favorite season.

Love your view from the back window.

Now if it would just cool down here in the midwest.

Jane :

I loved all your pictures. The kids are adorable!
I am looking forward to some cooler weather here too. Before the week is over they say we will have a taste of Fall.
Have a great week.

Susan :

Lovely displays. Loved the pumpkin plate.

Talk..to..Grams :

Thanks for sharing your pictures with us! Loved them... I collect snowmen too!!

But I have grandkids and if all the kids and grand kids get you a new snowman each Christmas you really end up with a lot of snow people!

So I finally said, No more snow men! But no one paid any attention to Grams and they still get me snowmen.... and I love them!!

Dena :

Wow - I can't wait to see your house at CHRISTmas if this is the little bit you decorate in the fall! It looks fabulous and that lion is super cute!

Given Grace :

Thanks for giving us a peek, loved the pictures. I just love fall and now they do have such cute pumpkins and harvest things, its hard to resist. Love your collection.

Can't wait to see your snowmen.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

I just love your decorations! I like Punkin' Hair especially. I really can't even believe how warm it is for October. I think it is going to cool down in the next couple of days though!

Just Mom :

Wow! I love those displays. Makes me want to finally start decorating my house for fall.

Tracey Kirksey :

I love all your fall decor! I just love the colors of fall and just about run off the road admiring the leaves when they start to change!

I would love some cooler temps, though, wouldn't you?! I welcome it!

Knit-Wit :

Beautiful trees! I'll blow some cool autumn wind your direction.

Tammy :

What beautiful fall decorations, Jill! You did a wonderful job!

And the first one of the children- adorable! :)

Abbie :

Jill your children are beautiful! Especially simba! lol
Oh BTW, it that armoir ever needs a new home..holla!

Happy Homemaker :

Thanks for the comment! What ADORABLE children!! And your decorating! We don't even have a pumpkin yet! Thanks for sharing!

Corrie :

What a beautiful view!!

It is hot at our house this year too! Kinda hard to get in the mood for all the festivities, but I've decorated anyway!

Bella :

I have been late about putting out my fall stuff...probably because it has been sooooo HOT! Finally, last Saturday I had DH haul our "fall" bins up and DS2 and I put out some things. I still haven't done a lot outside...my impatiens are still blooming in the pots on my porch and I haven't had the heart to replace them...maybe this weekend the Mums/pansies will take over.

Carrie :

How pretty! I am excited about Fall too!
God bless :)

Judi :

Very lovely! It's a bazillion degrees here too so I haven't even considered decor changes!

Shawna :

We are finally having a semi-cool fall day here. It was so hot and muggy yesterday. I love fall colors. I love driving to my parent's this time of year because the hills surrounding the road are gorgeous. Your mom made that plate? Very neat.

Angi :

Very nice! Looking forward to your "Christmas Open House Tour" too!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special :

Hi Jill, I hope we get some cooler temps this week-end..I have been busy cleaning my house. washing windows, screens,tubs,clothes,mirrors , etc..Fall cleaning ,but too hot for leaves to change colors.. I can't wait to get back up to Atlanta the end of the month..My two oldest grands are in their high school band performance.All of your fall decorations are great.You have the eye to see things and place them in a cute way.... Your children are cute and handsome.... Baba


I loved all the pictures (and your site)!

*carrie* :


So cute! Adam's costume is just darling.

Here is a recent post on fall: http://watibg.blogspot.com/2007/09/autumn-inside-and-out.html

This apple recipe is AMAZING: http://www.nicolebaart.com/2007/09/apple-recipe.html

Susan :

I'm jealous that you have that view!! I LOVE the pumpkins. I promise I'm going to take you on a tour of my fall stuff as soon as I get ONE of my boys to get my orange "Fall Crates" down from the garage shelves!!

:-) Susan

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

Pretty fall pics, Jill! It almost makes me want to decorate for fall. I just don't ever do that. I have enough Christmas bins as it is, so I can't imagine adding any more to the stash in the attic.

Those pumpkin bars sound yummy too!


BethAnne :

Beautiful decorations - Fall is my favorite time of year. My dad lives in Woodstock, GA and I know you guys are in desperate need of rain (we need it in east TN too)! Thanks for stopping by my blog - hope you will visit often!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

I love the pumpkins and the picture of your kiddos on the front step is just awesome! That would make a great holiday photo! :)

Thanks for the "tour." I love to see how people decorate for the holidays, and this time of year is one of my favorites.

Sonya :

How lovely Jill! I especially love the punkin head on your laundry room door....oh, and that Adam the Lion is a handsome little devil too!

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