Interview Jill Part 2 - Marriage and Kids


I'm back with day two of Interview Jill. Several of you asked questions related to marriage and motherhood, so that's my topic for today.

Sue asked: What is your favorite thing about motherhood?
Oh my, this is hard because the things I love are so numerous. Most of you probably know I was 38 when I had my first baby, so I waited a long time for that very special gift. One thing that comes to mind often when I think about being a mother is being lucky enough to witness the true miracle of life first-hand. And I love that I get lessons in patience and selflessness every day.

Karla asked: What would you like your children to learn from you?
I hope they will learn to stand firm in their faith, to trust in the Lord always and forever, to take the road that is right and not the one that is popular, and to be kind. From there, everything else will fall into place.

Lyndy asked: Do you want more children?
I'd love to have a houseful! When I was growing up I used to say I wanted more children that I could fit in my lap. But age has guided us otherwise. There is a ten year age difference between Kendra and Adam. When Adam graduates from high school I will be 55 and my husband will be 60. Three is perfect for us. And we're keeping our fingers crossed for at least two or three "empty nest" years before hearing loss and arthritis set in.

Abbie asked: How is your relationship with your step-children's mother?
I shy away from this topic because, as the old saying goes, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything." It's my attempt at taking the high road relating to this very precarious situation. Suffice it to say she dislikes me greatly, for reasons only she has conjured up. My opinion of her isn't very high, either. I can't change her, but I do pray for my own attitude in this situation. I hope it improves.

Nadine asked: What is the thing you love most about your husband?
Just like motherhood, it's hard for me to choose from a long list of things I love about Doug. The very first time I met him, I could tell he was faithful and kind. Now that he's become my husband and the father of our children, I cherish his service to our family. He gives much and asks little. I am blessed.

Anonymous asked: Do you recommend e-Harmony to others?
For those of you who may not know, I met Doug on e-Harmony in April 2003, and we married eight months later in December 2003. So, yes! I have and would recommend e-Harmony. It worked for us!

Jody asked: Have you ever thought about doing a commercial for e-Harmony? Or have you done one already?
Doug and I were actually in the very first round of e-Harmony's print and TV ad campaign. In November 2003, one month before our wedding, we traveled to LA to be filmed and photographed. We had a great time, and it was a wonderful experience. The ads began running in January 2004 and it was quite interesting to be sitting at home, eating ice cream, watching a sappy show on Lifetime, and have your face pop up on the screen. People at Sunday School would bring us newspapers from Toledo or Pittsburgh, saying they were traveling and saw our ad. Doug's dad sent us an ad from US News and World Report.

I'll end with our e-Harmony photo...see you tomorrow.


Lori :

This is great to read! I love how you openly share your answers with us.

I always wondered if those couples were real or models - and now I know! But you two DO look like models :)

Momma Roar :

Loved this one too - great picture! How cool!

Knit-Wit :

Cute picture! I think I remember seeing it before!

Sue :

I don't think I could pick just one for motherhood either. There are also all the little things that make you smile that you never had before kids.

Your children will appreciate you taking the high road like you do with your hubby's ex. It's not always easy to do. I give you so much credit for that.

I love the pic of you and Doug. How neat to be in their ads.

Leah in Iowa :

Thanks for being so transparent with your answers. I loved reading them! So will we be treated to a Part 3? BTW, I shamelessly stole your "ask me anything" idea!

Sonya :

I think it's totally cool that you guys met through e-harmony and have had a successful marriage. You know, recently, my 8yo tried to sign up at e-harmony. No kidding! She has seen the commercials tons of times but had no idea what it actually was. We got a real kick out of it!

Judi :

Great interview! I so understand about the step-children's mother. I live that one myself. ;)

Susan :

Fun stuff. Love the photo!

melissa :

Love learning more about you - fabulous photo!!


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special :

Hi Jill, I have enjoyed reading your post... Second marriages do work... My husband and I have been married 39 years and it is the second time for us both..I handle his ex-wife very nicely.. We see her at kids and grandkids birthday events and talk at ease..She missed out by not being married to him..He is mine and will always be the one....Thanks for your post. Baba

Linda :

I have really enjoyed getting to know you through these "interviews". What a great idea. Thanks for the sweet comment you left me about ww. I think you look wonderful. Love the e-harmony picture.

justabeachkat :

I've been so behind (yes, again) in my blog reading and commenting. I've enjoyed catching up tonight. The interview questions and answers were fun to read.


*carrie* :


I've enjoyed reading your interview responses.

My husband was 34 when our son was born (hopefully the first of a couple more kids) so we've also done the math of how "old" he will be at high school graduations, etc. =)

Tammy :

Jill, I am just catching up here...and I read both Part 1 and 2!
So much fun, and what a great idea for people to sort of "interview" you!
But how did I totally miss this!

Anyway, how I'd love to catch your commercial...I wonder if they'll ever show the first round again?

Thanks for sharing more of yourself with us! :)

Happy Working Mom :

How fun! You guys are too cute!

Susan :

eHarmony??? How did I miss that??? And that photo is just perfect! You two are SO CUTE. Thanks for sharing. And hooray to you for "taking the high road" in the other kids' mother issue. It's hard.

Thank you for being so transparent in your answers, Jill. You're a blessing.

:-) Susan

Vader's Mom :

Oh goodness. I remember you guys! That's too funny. Love all of these questions.

Anna :

Great story about your e-Harmony connections! Neat!

Jody :

How fun! And a great photo. Now, why did I just have a feeling you had been in their ad somewhere?

Abbie :

eharmony actually works?? You lie!
(I know not really since you married the man, but that's a good expression to use)

Abbie :

PS: Thanks for answering my question, I knew I was threading forbidden grounds there. I tend to only date men who already have children because I want no more of my own. No pressures to have more once we are married. Anyway, it has been my biggest fear that our lives would be made unhappy because of bitterness or the inability to move on. Also from a financial perspective.
You are so brave to answer that, you should have just told me to get lost lol!

kdwhorses :

Okay, so I am alittle late on reading the interviews, but I loved them. thanks for being so open about all the questions. I too say motherhood has changed my life in so many ways, I was 30 when I had my daughter. I loved your response to the question about the ex wife. Great job, I think I may have to borrow your words. I was blessed with my step son when he was 8 years old, he is now 15 almost 16. Needless to say, his mom despises me, for things she makes up as well. It is really sad, I feel she should be happy that I have taken him in and treated him like my own. Sometimes there is so much drama! (you know what I am talking about!) I do pray for her regularly and hope one day she will accept the situation and see the many blessings she is currently missing out on. If you want to talk more about it, my email is I do not want to take up your whole page! Thanks for sharing!

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