A Birthday Recap


Wow! You sure know how to make a girl feel special. Thanks to each and every one of you who allowed your blogs to be "hijacked" by my husband and who sent birthday wishes. I was overwhelmed and thrilled beyond words. I am very blessed, indeed. You all helped make my BIG 4-0 very memorable.

And, how about that husband of mine? I am sure you won't be surprised when I tell you he makes his living in PR and marketing. I had no idea he'd cooked up such a bloggy surprise. Thanks, honey!

I thought I'd share some of my birthday events and happenings with you, all of which illustrate how very blessed I am with wonderful friends and family.

I began celebrating way back on October 22 when my boss took me to lunch at the Four Seasons Atlanta. One of the most spectacular things about any Four Seasons property is their flower arrangements. If you're ever traveling and can pop into a Four Seasons for just a few minutes, you will not be sorry. Their arrangements are true works of art.

Back to the lunch.... Just the fact that I got out for lunch was enough of a gift. Every single day I eat in the office, usually taking bites between working with clients and answering phone calls and questions. When we sat down, my boss said, "Should we splurge and have a glass of white wine?" And I laughed because....well....she's the BOSS. And so I told her if she wouldn't tell, I wouldn't tell. And we promptly ordered chardonnay. We had a great time together. She travels about eight months a year so we rarely get any time together at all, let alone leisure time with wine. Her gift to me was a beautiful Hermes scarf, hand-picked by her in the Paris flagship store, and an antique medallion framed in one of our beautiful custom frames.

Last Thursday I met my dear friend Kathy for dinner after work. Kathy and I used to work together and we share the same birthday! How neat is that! We met at the Buckhead Diner and had a wonderful dinner, including a serving of the Diner's famous homemade bleu cheese chips. We figured out we hadn't seen each other since July and so we had a lot of catching up to do. She gave me a pumpkin for my collection and a bar of luscious hand-made soap. Love 'ya Kath!

Doug and I went to dinner last Saturday - just the two of us! - for another birthday celebration. We were long overdue for a date night, and what better occasion than a 40th birthday, huh? We went to a nearby steakhouse and indulged our every whim with martinis at the bar, wonderful food, wine flights and pumpkin pie for dessert.

But, the best part was being with my husband - alone - without anyone calling my name or pulling on my leg, or telling me "NO MA'AM! TIME OUT!" I mean, I'm 40 now...a little old for time out, don't you think? But then again, if I went to the time-out chair I could prop my feet up and fall asleep. But, I digress...

On Tuesday, my actual birthday, I met Doug for breakfast at The Flying Biscuit. The place is a hoot and the food is wonderful. We decided the interior decor was a mixture of High-Falootin' Barn meets Folk Art Kitchen. I took the day off and Doug treated me to a hot stone massage and facial at my favorite spa, which took up the remainder of the morning. He also had a gift bag brimming with CDs waiting for me at breakfast, so I spent the afternoon doing a little shopping while listening to Reba Duets, Kenny Chesney and Bruce Springsteen. He also got me a monogrammed charm with my birthstone for my charm bracelet. Too sweet for words, that hubby of mine.

My mom sent her signature "box full of gifts" including: jewelry, candy, kitchen gadgets, snowmen and a pumpkin for my collection. I opened that Tuesday night after we finished our Mexican take-out. I did not cook once on my birthday, which was another gift all on its own.

I talked to my mom after I got home from the spa Tuesday and she told me again the story about when I was born. She doesn't remember what my actual due date was, but November 13, 1967 was a Monday and, since she was having a C-section, her doctor told her he'd go ahead and schedule the delivery for that day, at 8:30 in the morning... "the first baby of the week." In those days, the dad waited in the waiting room, and rumor has it my dad was "a little late" getting to the hospital. I still have the pink stuffed poodle he brought me the day I was born.

My mom was two months shy of her 41st birthday when I was born. She came home with me a week later, on November 20th, and the day after that my brother Jon turned three years old. He had a terrible ear infection and my mom's mother and step-dad had arrived from Nebraska to help. There was also my (nearly) 13-year old brother. I'm sure he thought it was really cool having all those toddlers and babies underfoot.

Thanksgiving fell two days after Jon's 3rd birthday and my mom's brother and family of five showed up at the door that day, unannounced.

He said he figured they'd be home since she'd just had a baby.

God bless my mom.

My celebrating winds up this Saturday with a little party for friends and neighbors at our house. I'll have the camera warmed up and will share pictures next week.

Thanks again each and every one of you.

Now do you see why I call this blog "WHO COULD ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE?"


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

Awww, Jill, sounds like a fun 40th birthday kind of day you had. all that celebrating must have tired you out! Glad it was a good one. Still looking forward to meeting up with you at the big shindig here in B'ham!


Tonja :

Wow! All that celebrating has to wear a girl out! Sounds as if you are so blessed. I'm so looking forward to our meeting in b'ham.

Karla ~ Ainsley's Mom :

Happy belated birthday, Jill! I did see your hubby's letter on another blog. So neat!

Melene :

Wow! What a great birthday. I'm so happy for you and glad you're now in the 40's with me!

Just Mom :

Oh my goodness! Now that's the way to celebrate the Big 4-0.

I'm quickly approaching that magic number too, by the way. Won't be long....

melissa :

Happy belated birthday, Jill!! What a wonderful celebration you had :)


Tracey Kirksey :

So glad you had a wonderful birthday!!! Sounds like you're going to be celebrating for a while! How fun!

Hope to see you soon!

Vader's Mom :

And you deserve every bit of that and more!!!

Knit-Wit :

I'm tellin' ya - the 40's decade is the BEST! So glad you could come and join in on all the fun of being 40 :-)

Enjoy the rest of your celebrations and I was happy to help your husband out!

Lynne :

Glad you had such a wonderful birthday.

Abbie :

Happy belated Jill!
I'm glad you enjoyed your day.

Susan :

You have really celebrated well! I love all the little parts of this thing.

Have a great "rest of the week".


:-) Susan

Leah in Iowa :

It was my privilege to help Doug out that day. What a guy, that husband of yours! =)

It sounds like you had the most wonderful day! Did you take my advice and have no expectations? You were pleased, no doubt, with what you got, eh!? You are blessed, girlfriend!

Melissa in Mel's World :


That sounds like you had an amazing day!!! What a great hubby you have and a spectacular 40th birthday to boot!

Pop over to Mel's World if you get a chance... you have been tagged...(I have been lurking at your site a bit and would love to see what your answers are)


justabeachkat :

What a birthday! Lots of celebrating.

So excited to get to meet you "in real life" soon. Can't wait.


Sonya :

Very cool and how sweet is that hubby of yours?!! Sounds like a wonderful birthday and I especially love that you didn't cook once on your big day!

Steph :

Wow! What a great celebration! Sounds like you had a fantastic time!

Carrie :

Wowee, now that is the way to celebrate a birthday! Glad it's been fun!
Happy birthday and God bless :)

Jamie :

I am so glad you had a great 40th birthday.

Your husband is such a thoughtful man!! Cherish that one!!

*carrie* :


So fun to read about your special celebrations!

Momma Roar :

What a fun week for you!! It has been fun to celebrate along with you!!

Lyndy :

So glad you had such a special day.

Hugs, Lyndy

Annie :

I was so happy to get to be a teeny tiny part of your big day. That hubby of yours is definately a keeper :)!
(You know that I'm sure...)
Anyway, glad to hear your birthday was a day of great things and that the party continues... I think birthdays should last a while!

Happy Homemaker :

So glad you had a wonderful birthday! What a sweet, thoughtful husband you have! You're right... you have the perfect blog title!

julie :

Wow, that was a lot of celebrating. Sounds like you had a blast.


Susan :

You are ble4ssed indeed!!

Happy Working Mom :

What a fantastic birthday!!! I'm so glad you had a long and great celebration.

Oh, and there's a place here that has homemade blue cheese potato chips that I love! they look just like the ones in your picture!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special :

wow... Jill, no one could party so hardy as you on your 40th Birthday..Sounds like it was great and is still going on .... Have a fun time with family and friends this week-end.Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving... baba

Nadine :

Great post. So glad you enjoyed your birthday. And by the way, you look marvelous!

Jill Davis Doughtie :

Happy birthday a few days late! My birthday is this month, too. We share a name and a birthday month, too. I like that!

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