Does this ever happen to you? (just checking)
  • Go to kitchen to make a cup of tea
  • See basket of laundry that needs to be folded
  • Which reminds you of the load of clothes that needs to be put in the dryer
  • Which reminds you that you are out of dryer sheets
  • Go to library to look for pencil to write "dryer sheets" on grocery list
  • See envelope that you need to take to work in the morning
  • Carry envelope to purse
  • Which reminds you to leave a check for the housekeeper
  • On your way to put check on kitchen counter, see many books on coffee table
  • Put books in basket, which reminds you of the laundry that needs to be folded
  • On your way to fold laundry, remember the housekeeper's check
  • Go back to living room to get check, but can't find it
  • While looking for the check, step on yesterday's toddler snack (eww)
  • Go to get the vacuum but remember you lost the housekeeper's check
  • Go back to look for the check
  • In a break-through moment, realize you probably threw it in the book basket
  • You did!
  • Carry check to kitchen (whew!)
  • Oh! The laundry!
  • Must go see what is causing toddler to call your name over and over and over
  • It's nothing (boy. cried. wolf.)
  • Think a cup of tea (or something stronger) sounds good
  • Go to kitchen to make a cup of tea......
(just checking...)


Amber Kay :

Weekly...daily...or maybe I should say HOURLY!

Nadine :

Oh my you read my mind. It happens all the time. I'm glad I'm not alone.

Susan :

Don't we all?!!!

Kari :

So funny! happens to me all the time.

Melissa @ Breath of Life :


Jill Davis Doughtie :

Every day!

*carrie* :


I totally get that--happens to me all the time and I get so frustrated!

Jamie :

Oh, I would say that happens to me every day...probably three or four times a day..if not more!

Melene :

Oh Absolutely!
This reminds me of the book
If you give a mouse a cookie.....:)

Sandra :

LOL that sounds like me daily, I can't just focus on one thing because along the way I get completely sidetracked.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

I am glad I'm not the only one! :)

jeanetta :

its more of a circular track too you know. that way it never ends.

Beth :

Have you been watching me? :-)

Happy Working Mom :

That definitely sounds like a normal hour in my house! I find myself doing that all the time! All the while my husband focuses on one task at a time until it's completed. Have you ever read "Men Are Like Waffles and Women Are Like Spaghetti" by Bill and Pam Farrell? After reading this book it all makes so much more sense to me!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

Oh, yeah Jill, that happens way to often. And I don't even have the toddler to distract & make it worse. Too funny..and too true!

Looking forward to this weekend!


Momma Roar :


Now, how did I end up here....I must get back to the kitchen to make my hot chocolate! ;-)

The 5 Bickies :

Happens all the time. I call it the "if you give a mouse a cookie" syndrome. Hubby just laughs at me

Tonja :


Sandy :

OMGoodness! you just described most of my days!! I'm trying to clean house today and am thinking of 1,000 things I need to go and do and then I pass the computer on my way to take something to the other end of the house and of course I have to get on and read a couple of blogs and leave comments....okay....I'm going to go back to housecleaning!
Have a wonderful day!
Sandy :)

Leah in Iowa :

Oh, good HEAVENS ~ who *doesn't* it happen to !? =)

Dianne :

Way more often than I can keep track of!

KT :

This is so funny! Except this happens to me AFTER I've made my tea, so by the time I get back to it, it's cold. Sigh. When my husband asks me what I want for my birthday or Xmas, I always tell him "I just want a hot cup of tea."

Shawna :

Do you have the check I meant to deposit yesterday, because I still can't find it?

Caffeine Court :

Every day of my life-as a mom my A.D.D. works for me!

Judi :

Uh 24/7!

Annie :

Yep! All the time.

lizziefitz :

If You Give A mouse A Cookie, If You Mke a Moose A Muffin, If You Give A Pig A Pancake...Yes it has all happened to me before as well.:)

Sonya :

This happens to me all day, every day!

workinthatpreppy :

oh...i thought i had ADD...

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