Thanksgiving Wishes...and 7 Things Meme


Well, my turkey is brining and I've done all I can do in the kitchen for today. Like many of you, I'll be up bright and early in the morning to begin cooking and I can't wait for all the fixin's to start making the house smell divine. I also have some cinnamon rolls waiting to be baked first thing in the morning. A little pre-feast treat.

Traditionally on the Eve of every holiday we have drinks and appetizers instead of a full meal. Many times we're joined by friends, but this year it's just Doug, Adam and I. That's one of the hard things about being a blended family....Kendra and Bayley alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas with us. We'll miss them tomorrow, but have big plans for their time with us at Christmas this year.

I also wanted to take time to wish three dear blogging friends, Sandy, Stacey, and Leah, happy birthday. Sandy's birthday was November 18th, Stacey's the 19th, and Leah's is today. Here's wishing you all a wonderful year ahead filled with special memories.

I was also tagged by Melissa at Mel's World for the 7 Weird/Random Things meme. I've done this once before, but when we're talking weird and random, I can go for another problem!

1. I despise the small (or standard) size paperclips. My job includes mountains of paperwork and those little devils always seem to be catching, slipping and basically annoying me to pieces. I have to have the jumbo size.

2. I was the marching band majorette all four years of high school. When I was a freshman, I nervously signed up to be in the running for majorette, as it was a very coveted role (I think mostly because it meant you didn't have to march and lug your instrument around the football field). To my surprise, I was voted in, taking over for a graduating senior. I really loved it and could blow my whistle with great skill.

3. I have terrible eyesight without glasses or contacts and I'm actually categorized as legally blind in my left eye. I got glasses in 4th grade and probably needed them sooner, but wouldn't tell anyone that I couldn't read the board in class very well. I only need them for seeing distance, and, before I got contacts in 7th grade, I would carry my glasses around in a case and only use them to read or see far away.

4. The color peach is the worst for me when it comes to clothing. I look so bad in that color it's almost hard to believe. However, anything peach flavored ranks right near the top. A slice of peach pie is a little bit of heaven on earth as far as I'm concerned.

5. I was reading 1st grade level books before I started school. I read Charlotte's Web in kindergarten. In fact, I remember playing sick one day so I could stay home and read. I am sure my mom was onto me, but she probably figured staying home reading would teach me just as much as spending a day in school. In 3rd through 6th grades we had three reading levels (or groups) in our classroom. I was always given the high reading text book for the grade ahead of me. I also had a little contest with myself to never miss one single answer in the reading workbook. I was successful until 4th grade, when I missed one answer. I was devastated.

6. I am really terrible at abstract math like algebra, geometry or trigonometry.

7. I love mowing the grass. When I was growing up my brother and I mowed a couple lawns in the summer for spending money. I loved the linear-ness of it all and you can see the progress right in front of your face. And the smell of newly cut grass - aaaahhhhh

If you haven't done this meme or would love to do it again, please consider yourself tagged.

I'll be back on Saturday with November's Jill's Book Bag!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Tonja :

Have a wonderful holiday. Make some sweet memories. Looking forard to seeing you soon.

Angi :

Hope your Thanksgiving is a great one! I'm cooking sweet potatoes right now!

Lynne :

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

justabeachkat :

Happy Thanksgiving!!

See ya next week! (smiling)


Lyndy :

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Hugs, Lyndy

Momma Roar :

Wishing you a lovely day with your family!!

BTW, I am sooooo with you on the mowing thing - even now, since mowing is my time away (sad, I know!) But I love it for those same reasons you do!

Have a great day.

Jill Davis Doughtie :

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sandy :

Hi Jill,
Hope you and your family have a wonderful THANKSGIVING!
I'm going to put in the Josh Grobin CD you sent me after dinner while putting up the Christmas tree! THANKS!
Many blessings,

Fran :

Happy Thanksgiving Jill!


Vader's Mom :

Thank you!!!

Have a wonderful wonderful Thanksgiving!

Linda :

Love getting to know you more. Happy Thanksgiving.

Ang baylis :

Happy Thanksgiving! I have been having a problem with seeing your blog again! I think it's fixed now! I hope you had a great day!
Angie xoxo

Melissa in Mel's World :


That was awesome! I have to agree with you on the small paper clips thing...they just don't hold enough. (I personally like the colorful paper clips the best!)

Hope you had a terrific turkey day!

Nadine :

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Your facts were interesting. I'm sure you look better in peach than you think.

Susan :

What a great list, Jill! I can't stand that abstract math either...maybe it has something to do with being in the "top reading group". Hope your holiday was wonderful and blessed.


Shawna :

I hated it when I got glasses in the eight grade. In hte seventh grade, I would alsways copy my notes of the board from my table buddy because I couldn't see. I got lasix surgery last year. It's so neat!

Annie :

I'm exactly opposite on the peach one! I am always complimented when I wear the color, but would NEVER eat anything peach :o)

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