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Many, many years ago when money was very tight for me and I rarely had anything extra for incidentals, I started buying one or two things for each coming season a piece at a time. I suppose I could have done it another way and set aside a little money each paycheck and then went shopping and got things all at once, but I didn't have the saving fortitude back then.

Times have changed. I have a little more "spending money" these days, and I'm also a much better saver (thank goodness!), but I still like to buy things for the new season a piece or two at a time.

Since most of us are still bundling up in sweater, coats and scarves, I thought it would be fun to share what I've picked up so far to wear when the weather warms up, the day grow longer, and A/C becomes my best friend. All from JCrew. If I was going to be stranded on a desert island and I could only take three things with me I would take my family, the Bible, and a JCrew store.

I love these tops:

And they will both look great with these.

I get a new pair of white pants, one or two crisp white oxfords and a handful of white T's (short sleeves and tanks) every spring. Last year's get tossed because the dingies have set in.

Oh! And I couldn't resist this lemon-y dress with a little ruffle. I think it would look great with a turquoise bracelet or two.

And last but not least (for today anyway), zebra print flip-flops. Like yoga pants for my feet.

What will you be pulling out of your drawer this spring?


david mcmahon :

I live in Australia, so spring's a LONG way comin'. We're in summer at the moment!!

Tristi Pinkston :

Hi there,

I'm here by way of Lynne's Little Corner. Cute blog, and I'm totally with you -- I can't wait until spring.

Tristi Pinkston :

Hi there,

I'm here by way of Lynne's Little Corner. Cute blog, and I'm totally with you -- I can't wait until spring.

Lynne :

Jill, those are really cute! I love white pants, but until I lose some more weight, I won't be wearing white! Where do you find white oxford shirts? Long sleeve?

melissa :

I am also a J Crew lover :) Love those tops.
Of course, living in Florida - it is already 'spring' but I like to wait until the proper time to wear the proper clothes!
I also buy a new pair of white pants, as well as 2-3 white bermuda shorts every year - they're like my uniform!


Dionna :

I enjoyed stumbling across your blog today. :)

Anonymous :

I wear the same thing all year round! Jeans, long sleeve or short sleeved shirts and boots! Love the outfits!

Nadine :

Those flip flops are just way too much fun. I've never seen those kinds before.

Hey come on by for your awards.

justabeachkat :

I love them all, but especially the first shirt. Hmmmm....I might need to visit J. Crews!


Vader's Mom :

I love love that yellow dress. And those flip-flops? Precious!!!

Sorry I've been a loser lately. I had to download a new browser just to read your blog. And you are so important that I did it!

Tonja :

Great choices all! You will look great in them all. I looooove the flip flops. Those are just my style. I am ready to greet spring, all right....but it will just have to be in old clothes. I'm not buying more til I lose some flab!

Susan :

Oh Jill, these are adorable! I love shopping for the Spring. Since I'm in the middle of going down in weight, I try to go to Goodwill more often so that I don't have to pay full price for the in-betweeners. Yesterday I got a pair of Tommy Bahama pants and one pair from Neiman Marcus...both cute and full....for under ten bucks! I love that kind of thing. I'll head off to Chicos in a few weeks to add to my collection too.



P.S. Did I tell you that I'm going to be in Atlanta in May? I'd love to get together for coffee...even though I don't drink it! Let me know.

lisa :

awwww, i missed out on those cute zebra flips. your readers must have big feet like me!

found the yoga pants at target, but again none in my size. i'll keep an eye out during my weekly (or should i say daily!) trips!

thanks for the fashion advice!

Sandy :

Love the yellow dress. I love wearing dresses in the spring. Happy Monday!

Happy Homemaker :

Great choices! Spring is on its way!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

I LOVE LOVE those flip flops and that first top! I have a fear of white pants but I think that now that my children are getting older I can ease back into wearing white.

I have a little fun money coming my way and I am treating myself to a new purse (maybe a Vera Bradley mod pink to match the ID case I already have from a bloggy Christmas exchange) and a monogrammed silver pendant or maybe a monogrammed shell pendant I found tonight. I am also wanting to get a new bathing suit that is actually flattering!

I like the way you shop! ;)

Lyndy :

Oh girl you are a bad influence—lol. I love all of these too and I for one can’t wait for spring.

Have a blessed week.

Lisa @ Take90West :

I love those flip flops! Must get some for myself...maybe it will make our 2 feet of snow melt faster!

Mike :

Spring. I'll be wearing the same. Except I won't be wearing jogging pants under my jeans (which I always do during Winter). :)


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Tammy :

Jill, you are such a fashion plate...and I am learning from you, girl!
Since our family is on just one income, I still have to do what you use to one thing at a time. But the thing about being home all day teaching the kiddies is that I tend to lose touch with thank you!
The colors are a bit bold this spring...but hey, maybe I'll branch out! I do love the yellow they have it in dark rose? :)

CR :

I love your taste in clothes! I can't wait for Spring!

Jen M. :

I have those pants! And that tunic? LOVING it and ordering it right now.

Man - I wish I could raid your closet!

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