Prince Adam


As I was watching the ABC special last night on The Royal Family I became intrigued with the Queen's Court - hundreds of people tending to Her Majesty's every whim.

And then it hit me..

The Royal House of Norwood has it's own royalty: Two-year old Prince Adam of Georgia.

Office of the Private Secretary - Responsible for channeling all methods of communication (verbal and written) between the Royal Household and its subjects and government. Involves much sorting and keeping track of papers, drawings, incident/injury reports and invitations from school. Must file and maintain medical records and receipts, permission slips, check-in badges for Sunday School and hundreds of other miscellaneous reams of documents for tiny toddler.

Office of the Master of Household - Includes staff to coordinate travel, cook meals, plan events and clean Royal Residences. AKA: Mommy

Office of the Royal Collection Department - Responsible for all fiscal matters relating to the Royal Family and its personal and official business, including but not limited to: daycare tuition, stash of clothes purchased at Old Navy's 40% off sale, and treats to cut the whining off at the pass whilst in the car reward good behavior.

Office of the Lord Chamberlain: Source and focal point for all important matters which have implications for the Royal household. AKA: Daddy

It's also very fitting that my husband's ex-wife has called me The Queen on more than one occasion. I got a big kick out of that. My throne is out of commission but it was good while it lasted.

We're just like Buckingham Palace without the history, castles, crowns and private yacht.


Susan :

Cute post and you are a queen. The Bible calls us kings & priests
"And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father:" Rev 1:6a

Tammy :

A royally cute post, Jill!

(And Susan is right!) :)

Tonja :

Hi Your Highness! Just kidding! Cute post, Jill. I'll bet Adam really does feel like a prince sometimes!

Tracey Kirksey :

So cute! I love it!

Hope all is well! I miss checking in on ya!

Much love,

Nadine :

Your majesty...a fine post fitting a Queen. This was great.

kdwhorses :

Cute post! You just have to love them exes! Hope you have a great and blessed day!

Sandy :

And you make a beautiful Queen. We got to go to Buckinham Palace last April! Really cool ...

Chantico :

I think you are definitely queenly material-and Adam is adorable (though I must say, so is HRH Willam!). What must it be like to live their lives in a fishbowl, do you think?


Lynne :

Hail Queen Jill! But where are the hundreds of people to tend to YOUR every whim??

Jenny :

I wanted to watch that show but I missed it! Sounds like it might have been a good one.

Have a great day!

Lisa @ Take90West :

Or your own train!

I could not believe that special on the Royals. Such extravagance.

funny post!

Overwhelmed! :

How funny! I laughed about the bit where your husband's ex calls you The Queen. :)

I noticed you live in Atlanta, GA. I used to live there for a while and I miss it. You gotta love the martini bars. And did you ever eat at The Flying Biscuit Cafe? I'm not sure if it's still open but I bought one of their cookbooks before I left!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

I can so relate. I definitely have two princesses in training over here. ;)

Cute post!

Susan :

You CRACK ME UP! My boys always say "Mom's the Queen around here." They know my vote counts more than all of theirs combined.

:-) susan

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