Getting Reacquainted With the Produce and Frozen Foods


If my life weren't already exciting enough, tonight I went to the grocery store by myself.

By myself.


Not that I don't love the children. But usually I don't love how they act at the grocery store.

So, after Adam was bathed, fluffed, puffed and snuggled into his Joe's Garage pj's I slipped out while his dad read bedtime stories.

I was off to reacquaint myself with the the produce...and the snack aisle, the frozen foods and the deli counter. I wasn't about to leave anyone out. It had been too long.

I'm not sure why, exactly, it had been so long since I'd had a leisurely (albeit focused) grocery store run.

At the beginning of the year we decided to cut back a bit on how much we spent on groceries and without even trying we've cut our monthly spending by at least one third.

One of the ways we did that was to make only one large grocery run each month, which meant I actually had to sit down and make a comprehensive grocery list. It had to include not only what we need at the moment, but also what we might need two or three weeks in the future. Just suffice it to say my brain doesn't work very well that way.

It has something to do with being 40, working full time and having a toddler. That combo causes my brain to malfunction often after 5pm. It's been known to spark and smoke after 11pm. After midnight I turn into a blonde fairy princess with no brain at all.

The last time we were due for an extended grocery run Doug went. It was a rainy Saturday and I was working on a project at home. He took Adam with him and it took him the rest of the weekend to recover. God bless him, though. He said Adam had a hard time steering the cart to the car when Doug finally surrendered at the check-out lane and curled into a ball and climbed into the basket.

He had to pop open and guzzle a Red Bull right there in the parking lot just so he could gather his wits to drive. And Doug had to show him how to put the key into the ignition and shift it into drive.

So.... I had a great time tonight.

Publix, Uninterrupted.

A few observations:

* Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches come in mint. Who knew?

* It's strawberry season here in Georgia!

* Publix (at least around here) no longer carries 8th Continent Soy Milk.

* Cheez-Its were buy one/get one free. Twist my arm.

* And, do y'all prefer Cheez-Its or Cheese Nips? Reduced fat or not?

* Margaret Holmes brand canned tomatoes and okra is heavenly.

* Have any of you tried the single serve microwave steam veggie packs? Love them.

* And what about the reusable grocery bags? They make it so much easier to pack,
load and unload the groceries. Do yourself a favor and buy 3 or 4. You will not
be sorry.

I'm home now.

The boy's in bed. Red hot smokin' hubby is watching The Braves. I've got a chocolate bundt cake in the oven.

And all is well with me and The Publix.


Just Mom :


Yes, being able to leisurely amble up and down the produce aisle is heaven.

Oh! I'm most definitely a Cheez-It gal. Doesn't matter if it's skinny or full fat flavor.

justabeachkat :

What a cute post. I do remember those days of hating to go to the grocery. My daughter in law goes all the time after the kids are in bed. She usually calls me and we chat as she shops.


Rachel Langston :

I am right there with you! One of my "rules" after having children was that I would shop alone. If that meant I had to at midnight, that's what I would do. At 7 and 5, my children have been to the grocery store with me, but not often. As for Publix, I love it!

Rachel Langston

Melissa @ Breath of Life :

We have a new grocery store here and I love it. I remember those days with a toddler, though...tried to avoid those whenever I could.

I've been trying to cut back on groceries, too. I menu plan for each week, and buy only what's on the list. I check the sales on-line, and menu plan around the sales...that's helped a lot. I don't think I could do the once-a-month thing.

kdwhorses :

Great post! I have been to the Publix when I was visiting my sister in GA! I liked it! (She lives in Dulbin, GA)
I am a Cheez-it girl too-any flavor or low fat! Yum-O!
I plan at least 2 weeks at a time, but I plan it around the meat on sale and go from there. Gone are the days you can say we are having this meat tonite! Everything is so high, I try only to buy things on sale or what I have coupons for. I went yesterday to pick up some meat that was on sale and too good a deal to pass up! And eggs are up to $2.15/dozen! That is just plain crazy!

Knit-Wit :


Now that I have teens grocery shopping is even easier. I will send them throughout the store in pursuit of a particular item.

Susan :

I remember my big thing when I had little ones was FINALLY getting to take a nice, leisurely bath, all by myself, without a young one hanging over the bathtub!!! Fun I can remember what a treat that was after all these years! Groceries are sure going up in price. I see it week by week.

Scarlet O'Kara :

Love those single serving steamer veggies! And Cheez-Its are so much better than Nips!

Publix...where shopping is a pleasure! Especially when you have a small child with you and you get a free cookie at the bakery. Makes the trip alot easier! Thank you Mr. Publix.

Sandra :

LOL loved this post. I too went to the grocery store the other day "alone" and I felt weird and out of place LOL

Jill_in_AL :

Hi. I found you--another Jill-- via the Siesta Fashion Show thing from HotMama. Like your fun blog. I love my Publix here in Alabama. Gave up Walmart when my second child got potty trained. Figure I will gladly give the diaper/pull up $$ to Publix in exchange for a calmer, nicer shopping experience.

My latest grocery store find is all the great food that come frozen and ready to cook like from Macaroni Grill. Wow! Now I would rather go on a date with my hub but in a pinch I'll take Pasta Milano a la Publix! Take care ;-) JW

Linda :

Isn't it funny how a trip alone to the grocery can bring one so much joy. :) What a great idea to try to do your big run once a month. I will have to give that a try I can see right away how it would cut out extras that are not really needs.
Have a great weekend.

Dionna :

Jill -
I have 3 reusable very classy bags so far. Hoping to get more. Been wanting to try Skinny Cow but haven't been able to justify the cost just yet. With a family of 4, they'd be gone in a day!
I go once a week - would love to wait longer in between trips but with two growing girls, we always are out of something by that point!

Nadine :

Too funny. I remember those days. It was always such a treat to do it by myself. Every once in a while it's good.

Lynne :

I remember, many years ago, taking 2 little ones with me to the grocery. One time, Susan came home with a black eye - some accident near the check-out line - though I can't remember all the particulars.

I shop every Wednesday at Kroger - need to rack up the points to get cheaper gas for the cars, and also get the 5% discount. Though there are a few items that I can only get at Publix, so I'll go there on Wednesdays too for the 5% off.

I usually only buy things that are on sale and stock up on them. Last week, I saved $63 (40%). Not bad.

The Summer Kitchen Interiors :

Hey Jill, stopping in to say hi - and ahhhhhhh - shopping alone - WHO could ask for anything more??!!
Have a great weekend!

Susan :

I'm into Cheetos and the yummy cheezy snacks that Weight Watchers sells. They must have something in them because I like them the very best but they are very pricey!
They are definitely addictive!

Love Skinny Cow stuff...the best of the low fat, low cal. ice cream treats!

Tammy :

"It has something to do with being 40, working full time and having a toddler. That combo causes my brain to malfunction often after 5pm. It's been known to spark and smoke after 11pm. After midnight I turn into a blonde fairy princess with no brain at all."

Oh...Priceless! :D

I don't work full time outside the home, but maybe home schooling works the same way. Except my brain smokes and sizzles by...oh, say- 2-ish.

Susan :

Isn't it fun when something so "simple" seems so "freeing"? I finally got my canvas bags and LOVE them! You're right, you can really get more in them and they're easier to hold.

Have a great week.


Tonja :

I think it is a sign that you are really, truly a grown up, when you look forward to a quiet evening alone with the grocery cart! Oh, the luxury of perusing the many available items without someone tugging on your sleeve!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

I love going to the grocery store ALL BY MYSELF! And we are a big, big Publix family. We live about 2 miles from a brand spankin' new Publix. Oh the joys! ;)

I am very impressed with your grocery budgeting. Seriously. I am so so lacking in this area as far as the disciplined shopping but after looking at our outflow of cash in Quicken this week I have GOT to do something. I actually went to Aldi yesterday and was very impressed. But I'm still sticking by my Publix for seafood/meat.

Buford Betty :

Cheez-Its hands down! Reduced fat just b/c they're less greasy.

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