And They Call It a Holiday?


Mercy, dear readers. I was just laying on the sofa in my keeping room eating peppermint ice cream (ok- and a brownie) and I couldn't stop thinking about all the things I plan to do on this long holiday weekend.

* Scrub my hardwood floors. I do it the only fashioned way with a rag while sliding around on a towel on my knees. And, by the way, does anyone else love the smell of Murphy's Oil Soap?

* Vacuum, dust and clean bathrooms. Ugh.

* Go to the chiropractor.

* Hang new pictures, revamp some of my collections already hung and probably patch some walls along the way. I do not measure when I hang art. I just pound the nail and take it from there.

* Buy plants. Plant plants in pots on the deck. Cross fingers that plants will not die before the weekend is over.

* Unload my car. Mama went on a little shopping adventure this afternoon. But did not deviate from my list (very much).

* Along with hubby, take the 2 year-old to the pool. Agonize over putting on a bathing suit. Will not get into the water as it will be very cold. The Corona Light I will be drinking will also be very cold. Avoid Carolyn the Pool Lady at all costs.

* Put away the plastic bins, empty planters and plate holder that have been sitting in the kitchen for too many weeks.

* Make a cake.

* Go to a graduation celebration Saturday evening.

* Host a margarita party Sunday for some neighbors.

* Wrap baby and birthday gifts. (See Mama's shopping adventure above).

* Decorate and organize the book shelf that's been sitting in our library for oh so many months now.

* Finish decorating Adam's **BIG BOY** room. His dad put up new window treatments today.

* Visit all my blogging friends to see what you're up to.

Whew! By the time Tuesday rolls around I'll be ready for some time off. Hope y'all have a great weekend.


Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit :

Sounds like you have a full weekend! It will feel so good to get all that accomplished. And decorating a big boy room, that should be so fun.

By the way, I'm really enjoying your blog and wanted you to know I am adding you to my blogroll.

Enjoy your weekend!

Just Mom :

LOL at listing the chiropractor after doing the household chores.

Have a good one. :-D

annie :

Lots of fun stuff on your list.
Some things on mine are...
take pool water sample to pool store for analysis because it is impossible to get clear for some reason this year! ugh.
Get cards and cash ready to give to too many seniors!
Have a great holiday.

Susan :

Funny you mentioned the Pool Lady. I was thinking about the funny posts you wrote last year about her the other day when I visited your blog :o)

CR :

Have a fun weekend!!

Tammy :

I know...this weekend is here, and because of the drizzle and my lack of motivation, I'm still not sure what all we're going to do- and it's Saturday morning!

Oh by the way.... that item on your list, visiting blog friends....don't forget this little blog friend! I miss you friendly face at my place! :)

Lauren :

I hope you have a nice weekend! It sounds like Carolyn the pool lady might be related to one of my neighbors. Don't you just love it when people act like that!?

Linda :

Some holiday weekend huh? I was new to blogging last year and never read the pool lady post. How horrible! Hopefully, possibly it will be better this year??? Try to get some rest in there somewhere between all the things you are doing.

Melissa @ Breath of Life :

I got tired just reading your list! I probably should be doing a lot of things like that...but I'm taking a break (after working more on the attic today).

Hope you find some time for fun & rest.

jeanetta :

now that is quite an admirable list!

Mandy :

Yes, I too, love the smell of Murphy's Oil Soap for hardwood floors. You have inspired me to put my mop down and do it the old-fashion way.....a little elbow grease goes a long way. I enjoy reading your blog and taking a peek into your life. Happy Memorial Day.


justabeachkat :

Nope, it doesn't sound like a Holiday. Your list sounds like alot of work to me. LOL But, once it's all done, I know you'll be happy. Have a wonderful Memorial Day!


Nadine :

Lots of stuff on your list. You're going to need a vacation to recover. Have a great weekend.

kdwhorses :

Holiday, vacation what is that? Always stuff to be doing here and not enough time to do it! Hope you get your things done and get to take alittle time to yourself!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

Hey, Jill, so you're going to Rosemary Beach in a couple of weeks?! That is a beautiful place too, we drove through there one evening. Are you staying in a cottage?? They are so pretty.

Just thought I'd drop a couple of names for restaurants for you in the Seagrove area, which is not far from Rosemary. Our favorite meal of the week was at a Greek place called Yiannis. It's in a little strip center right in the Seagrove area on the right coming from Rosemary. Great food, family friendly, and you can bring your own bottle of wine. Not very expensive either. We loved the food & the service. I'd highly recommend that.

For quick seafood broiled or fried, check out the Seagrove Market I posted about. Casual and very fresh too, great for a quick lunch.

If you get over to Destin, you must check out Dewey Destin. Went there with Kat & 2 other times, very good broiled or fried seafood baskets too.

Hope ya'll have a great time & I'll be looking for your pics too!


The Mrs. :

Sounds like my weekend!

Melissa in Mel's World :

Whew, I am tired jsut READING your list...ours was a little more relaxing with some of the other "stuff" mixed in!!!

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