Remember When...?


For the past couple weeks Adam's started reminiscing a little bit.

'Member Baby Zane? He not at da school any more.

'Member dis book, Mama? We not reading it in a long time.

'Member swingin' Mama? Let's go swing.

And the clincher....

Hey Mom! 'Member the Cee-Vee-Eth? I need to go get a tweet!
I not had a tweet in a long time

It tickles me just a little because he reminisces about things as if they happened long ago, when really it's been just a few days.

But I know the time will come when we will reminisce about things that really did happen long ago.

Years will have passed when suddenly I will remember my little boy on the swing, his blond hair blowing to and fro.

I'll think about those chubby cheeks upon which thousands of kisses were planted.

I'll think about holding his little hand as we walk into the CVS and head straight for the candy.

I'll relish the memory of holding him in my lap and reading those books.

So reminisce, my son.

Remember when.

And I'll pluck every word and put them in the pockets of my mind.

And visit them time and time again.

Year after year.

Forever and always.

I will remember when.


Just Mom :

What a heart-warming story about your son.

Leah in Iowa :

Your little Adam is sure growing up! He's losing that toddler look and is moving quickly towards little boy. Don't you wish you could just squeeze him sometimes and make him stay small? Maybe it's time to be talking about another baby!! =)

jilly :

He is so darn cute, how could you ever tell him no?

Melissa @ Breath of Life :

Just darling!

I love children's perspectives. To my 9 1/2 year old, Christmas was FOREVER ago. To me, it happened last week!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit :

Oh, how precious!!!

Tammy :

So sweet, Jill...

I remember when both my girls starting talking like this, too! :)

Lauren :

Jill, I am so glad we found one another through The Mrs. I loved reading your blog today and am looking forward to reading in the future. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Sonya :

Isn't it sad that they grow up so quickly? Today my 9yo and I were looking at scrapbooked photos of her when she was 2. We both got some good laughs at those. It was fun to think back to those days and the funny things she said or did.

Enjoy your time while Adam is little. It goes so quickly. One day soon, you'll look up and he'll be 9 and look so much more mature than when he had those chubby little cheeks. That's when it really hits you....your baby is growing up fast!

The Mrs. :

I just teared up at your sweet post. It is so beautiful the way you appreciate the time with your son.

justabeachkat :

What a sweet post Jill! I "member" my children being that sweet age too. Enjoy.


Nadine :

I'm trying to catch up. This is a sweet story.

I'm glad to hear that everything worked out with the mammogram.

Lisa @ Take90West :

He looks like such a big boy. What a great post!

kdwhorses :

Great post!
They do grow up so fast! My baby is graduating kindergarten next Friday, that doesn't even seem possible! I just had her! I didn't realize it would go by so fast!

Tonja :

Beautiful post! It is amazing to me that little snippets of life when my boys were small will just flash through my brain like a mini trip to the past! It really is true that you remember moments..not days!

Enjoy each moment with Adam...they go far too quickly!

Dianne :

Oh my gosh..this friend of mine either has a book or was telling me about a book something like this...I'll have to find out the name and of and pass it on. It goes quickly, no doubt.

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