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If you want to watch something good on television, check out the new PBS documentary series Carrier. Produced by Mel Gibson's Icon Productions, it follows the USS Nimitz (with 5,000 sailors and Marines on board) during its six-month deployment to the Persian Gulf. The series was shown this past week for the first time and my husband and I were hooked the very first hour. It's at times, funny, heart-wrenching, enlightening and exhilarating. Not to be missed!

Melissa wears (and raves about!) this fragrance. I bought some and wholeheartedly agree. Psssstttt.... Makes a great Mother's Day Gift.

Run for the Roses! Saturday's Kentucky Derby will be a big deal at our house. We'll be watching the "Greatest 2 Minutes in Sports" with about 35 friends and neighbors. Place your bets!

Read how a tiny baby girl changed hundreds of lives... One of my new favorite blogs: Bring the Rain.

Have a great weekend!


Momma Roar :

We were hooked on Carrier as well. At first I was rolling my eyes, and then I really started to enjoy it - lots of emotions!!

annie :

I'll have to check out that fragrance. I have two favorites right now.

kdwhorses :

It was defintely a sad day here after the Derby. So sorry for the filly that lost her life.

Kari :

Amazing Grace is a wonderful fragrance, one of my favorites!

I was born and raised in Louisville, but, last year was my first time actually attending the Derby. It is such a great time! This year, hubby was on duty at the firehouse and got to work the Derby. As a firefighter, he has access to pretty much any place he wants to go at Churchill Downs. He was able to meet several celebrities and see alot of the action up close and personal...I was a little bit jealous since I sat home and watched it on t.v. by myself. But, seriously, it was a beautiful day, except for the tragedy of the filly that had to be put down. That was so sad.

I have been wanting to watch 'Carrier' but wondered if I could catch up since I've missed the first episodes...

Tonja :

Read the whole..Rain blog last week. What a testimony! Such love and faith!

Will check out Carrier.

Lisa @ Take90West :

Big Brown blew them away at the end didn't he? That was a fun one to watch, but poor Eight sad. Some day I'm getting myself a rockin' hat and going there to see it in person!
I love Philosophy fragrances, I've used Pure Grace for a couple of years now.
Have a good week!

Sandra :

I watch Carrier and I love it....being a military wife I just love it.

At first it frustrated me and one of the guys that got kicked out for racism really bothered me and annoyed me, but I do enjoy it :)

Sandy :

Haven't seen that show but gonna have to check it out

Dropping the hint today on the fragrance for Mother's Day!

The Derby was exciting but also so sad with the filly.

Hope you are having a great day!
We're having fabulously warm to hot weather down in this part of the state how bout you up there?


Knit-Wit :

Carrier doesn't appear to be showing in our area right now. Looks like a great show, though. My dad served on a Carrier back in the early 60's.

Tammy :

Wow, I hadn't heard of this before! My husband was on a carrier and went out for six month deployments!!! He spent much of our first three years of marriage living on one of those...we will definitely have to tune in. And I might not have heard about this show if you hadn't mentioned it- thank you!

Corrie :

Thanks for the pointer on the perfume! I'll have to try that one!

Nadine :

Sounds like a show Tom and I would really enjoy. We love shows like that.

Tricia :

Just read the blog that you recommended....what an amazing story. I cannot imagine going thru what their family went thru. Thanks much for passing on the link.

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