A Day That's Doubly Dad


Today we're double celebrating at our house. Not only is it Father's Day, it's also Doug's 46th birthday.

In honor of both, I thought I'd ask Kendra and Bayley to answer a few questions about their dad. Hopefully Adam can join in next year. This year he answered "I doe know" to everything I asked.

What things do you enjoy doing with your dad?
: Hanging out, playing games and talking with him.
Bayley: Lots of things. Throwing the football, playing basketball and just being with him like hanging out.

What three words do you think best describe your dad?
Kendra: exciting, funny, awesome
Bayley: loving, kind, forgiving

If your dad could have a day to do anything he wanted, what do you think he'd choose to do?
Kendra: Work outside in the yard, come up with some big project and include all of us.
Bayley: He would stay home and spend time with me, Kendra and Adam.

What is your dad's favorite....

Kendra: green
Bayley: orange

Kendra: tacos
Bayley: BBQ

Kendra: Seacrest (the beach where we just vacationed)
Bayley: Seacrest

Kendra: football
Bayley: basketball

Kendra: Jesus

So, here's to you, babe. Thanks for being such a great father to our children and husband to me. I hope the year ahead is wonderful for you in every way you wish.

We love you!


Melissa @ Breath of Life :

What a neat tribute! Hope your family has a wonderful day!

Lynne :

Happy birthday and Father's Day to your great husband! You've got yourself a really good one!

justabeachkat :

Very cute! And now that I know the kids, I can picture them answering the questions. They are wonderful kids...all three of them. George and I were quite impressed with them. You and Doug have done an incredible job with them...sincerly.

Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day to Doug.


(I really meant to give you a call before you had to leave town, but we were pretty busy here at our house. Bree and Jay just left about 45 minutes ago.)

Melene@Sing For Joy :

So Sweet! Best wishes to your husband today!

Just Mom :

Well, a double Happy Day to your hubby.

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit :

What a sweet post! Hope his day was fantastic!

kdwhorses :

What a great tribute!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

How sweet! I hope it was a good day!

Happy Working Mom :

What a cute thing you did! I will definitely try to remember to do this when my kids get a little older!

Staci :

What a sweet honor to your husband!! Great idea!

Judi :

How wonderful! I am sure he treasured this post!

Tonja :

Loved this post, Jill! Great idea!
Happy birthday to hubby.

Shawna :

This is the sweetest post. I may have to steal it when Scamp gets a little older.

Nadine :

What a sweet tribute and I love the idea of the kids answering questions like that.

Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday (belated on both counts).

Dianne :

That is a fabulous idea..and SO sweet. Thanks for sharing their answers with us.

The Mrs. :

I just want to bawl that is so cute!

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