No, I am Not Pregnant


I don't know what kind of strange hormonal imbalance caused me to crave pasta with sauce and garlic bread at 8:30am this morning, but I hope it's not a permanent condition.

Yes, I ate it.

No, there is none left.

Thank you.


Nadine :

So long as enjoyed it - who cares what time of the day it is.

The Mrs. :

I have sooooo been there!

Tammy :

Well, you answered the two most important questions...

a) are you pregnant?
b) did you leave some for me?


Just Mom :

Are you on the South Beach Diet? Because that's the kind of breakfast I'm craving now after a month without much carbs.

kdwhorses :

I guess next question would be is it that time? I crave some strange things around that time!
I agree as long as it was good, who cares! Go for it!

Sandy :

Too funny! I had Key Lime Pie this a.m. - it was yummy but so not what I should have eaten for breakfast.
Have a fabulous week.
Sandy :)

Melissa @ Breath of Life :

Can't imagine anything would make me crave that at breakfast. Maybe your body is just adjusting to the "real world" again.

the mama monster :

hi jill i am your swap partner. i am so excited to send you your package! i just have to comment because i am pregnant and i eat odd things at odd times even when i'm not... i especially love cold fried rice in the morning.

justabeachkat :

My grandmother always said that if you're craving something your body is telling you it needs it. No sure what you need, but just go with it.


Caffeine Court :

Breakfast of Champions!!

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