2 Year Blogiversary - Doubly Good Week (Day 2)


Thanks for joining me for my 2nd Blogiversary week!

If you missed yesterday's post... I'm celebrating two years of blogging by hosting giveaways this week.

Here's the scoop:

1. Each day this week, Monday through Friday, I'll post a new giveaway.

2. I will pick two people to get each day's goodie, using a random number generator.

3. You can enter each day, and possibly win more than once.

4. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment. One comment per person per day please. To win a particular giveaway, you must comment on that specific day.

5. Tell your friends. Invite them over. The more the merrier.

6. I will pick all of the recipients for the entire week on Saturday morning, August 2, and post the names that day.

Today's Doubly Good Giveaway is two $25 Target gift cards. (Two people will each win a $25 card).

Personally, I can spend $25 at Target before I even get my cart facing the right direction. I'll bet a few of you can relate.

Thanks again for stopping by to help me celebrate.

See you tomorrow!


Sandra :

LOL Jill so can I....I love Target :)

Lynne :

First - Happy Blogiversary!

Next - I'd love to win a Target card. One of my favorite places.

Boo and Hooties Mom :

Target is the best...one of my favorite stores! What a lovely giveaway!!!

Caffeine Court :

Wow-2 years-you go girl.

I'm celebrating one year next month.

You are hilarious-I love the giveaway idea...

jeanetta :

happy bloggy day

Mandy :

Target is my all-time favorite store! Thanks for letting us help you celebrate.


Given Grace :

Celebrating with you!

I too love Target!

SaraMelene :

Happy Bogiversary!

They don't call Target the $100.00 store for nothin!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Amber Kay :

Oh! Oh! I was just there tonight.
I {heart} that store!

Sheila :

Thank you for the sweet comments you left and yes we had a fabulous time at the beach!
Girl you are putting us all to shame, these prizes are so cool!
And WHO doesn't love Target?
Count me in....

Anonymous :

I'd love a Target gift card for some back to school shopping!

Kristin in IA

kdwhorses :

I got my bathing suit this year at Target! I do like that store!

What great giveaways!!

Becs :

Is it too late to enter? I agree about spending the gift cards before your cart is facing the right way! Becs

annie :

Yep. Target can do damage. Fast!
Love that store though.

Julie :

I love Target! Thanks for the giveaway!

Lissete :

Happy Bloogyversary! I love me some Target!

Anonymous :

Happy Blogiversary!

Laurie S.

Steph :

Well who can resist a target gift card?

Susan :

TWO $25 Target certificates!!!! I'm in line, I'm in line!!!!!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

Wow Jill! What a great gift. You are celebrating big!

Midwest Nest :

Enjoy your blog. Congrats on your Blogiversary!

Rory :

Happy blogiversary! target is the best! I can't get out of there for less than $100. (on a good day)

Lauren :

Sweet! I can always use a Target gift card!

Congratulations on your 2 year blogiversary!

Cara :

Congrats! Target is always calling my name...

Scarlet O'Kara :

I can spend way too much money at Target...even more if it is Super Target! They have the cutest plaid uniform jumpers that I want to buy for Kyla's first day of school!

Preppy Engineer :

That's a great giveaway! Who doen;t love Target?

Beth :

Oh, man - I LOVE Target!!

Just Mom :

I rarely spend less than $100 at Target. I could definately use the gift card.

The Chic Chauffeur :

Happy blogiversary. I love reading your blog! AND I love target!!! Thanks for the fun contest!

Heidi :

Oh hooray! I am just happy to be nominated

Linda :

Okay I am feeling a bit greedy in commenting on both give aways but here I am anyway. Hope you are doing okay and keeping cool this southern heat is ridiculous!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane :

Oh my, Target is a dangerous place for me too! I think I blink and I have at least 25 dollars worth of stuff that magically appears in my buggy! I'd love to be entered for your giveaway - happy Blogaversary!

P.S. I SO wanted to enter yesterday, as I love Starbucks. But darn it, they are closing the brand new Starbucks they just built close to me, one of those 600+ they are closing. WAH!

Jillian :

Two years! Congrats! My one year blogaversary is coming up...need a good idea for it.

And wow, a TARGET gift card! I could really use that.

By the way, I love your new look, so much so I added you to my favorite pages list. (I promise it was before I saw you were giving away the Target gift card! Tee hee!) Plus, you have a great name.


The LeCroy Family :

I love your blog!!! and.....I love your giveaway! I can't walk in Target without spending $100.....things just jump into my cart!

andi :

Ah yes, the bull's-eye place...
Don't you know they picked that logo so strategically! Yes, I love that store...
I like this game! :)

xoxo~ Meg :

How cool are YOU? OhMygoodness! I want to win!
Thanks for stopping by my place today I love,love, love your blog!

Belle (from Life of a...) :

I hope I WIN!



annie's eyes :

Yay! Day 2. Here's my entry for a Target card. Fun.

Happy Working Mom :

Thanks for telling me about your giveaways!

I could so use a gift card right now to buy myself something great to reward myself for all my hard work :) I'm not selfish at all! :)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

Oh, I'm back again for the giveaway! What a fun thing to do, Jill.


Vader's Mom :

Girl - You are too good to us.

Bender House :

Ohh, Target...I love that store and can always find a great deal everytime I go. Congrats for blogging 2 years!

Angie :

Shopping at Target sounds great!

Tammy :

WOW...please...again...me! I love Target!

This is SO generous, Jill...how are you doing this, girlfriend? Wow...

The Mrs. :

Well who couldn't spend $25 at Target! Or $125!!! Happy anniversary!!! Sign me up!

Jill in VA :

Happy Blogiversary!! Absolutely addicted to Target - I'm in!

Nadine :

That's funny - I too love Target. They have such nice things there. You are quite generous to giveaway 2 cards.

Kari :

I love Target! Such a fun place to shop. Thanks for offering the gift card giveaway!

2nd Cup of Coffee :

I just saw some stuff at Target that I would LOVe to put in my newly redecorated (in the process, that is,) kitchen.

Lisa @ Take90West :

Me too! I can barely get past the $1 section with all the bins and buckets and I'm almost at 25 bucks!

Christina :

Target... HERE I COME!
Please enter moi!

wheretheboysare :


I love me Target. Even their TV commercials make me feel good. Maybe that means their advertising is working, huh?

Jackie @ where the boys are

Rejoyce :

I am a target clearance shopper. Last week I just bought 2 outdoor eddie bauer rocking chairs for $35.00! They were on clearance for 75% off 199.00.

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