Big Time


You know you've hit the big time when you label the weekend "off to a great start" because

a) you are caught up on laundry, and

b) your husband bought a new toilet paper holder for the master bath and you are sincerely thrilled.

There is no c).
Big time doesn't need a c).


Nadine :

Too funny.

Lynne :

But will hubby put a new roll of TP on the new holder???

Susan :

Hey, we hear you!!!! I would LOVE to meet you too, Jill!!!!

Rebekah :

Yeah, I've had days like that :) Rejoice in small victories!

Tammy :

Well, I don't really remember EVER being caught up in our laundry, so you have every right to be excited! :D

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

NOW you're talkin'! ;)

Lisa @ Take90West :

Truer words were never written! You must be a mom!

Happy 2 year Blog Anniversary!

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