We Temporarily Lost Our Minds


Saturday was one of those days Doug and I looked back on and said simultaneously, "What were we thinking?"
For some unknown reason we thought it would be great fun to pack up the car with the little boy and head to the north Georgia mountains. There are a couple wineries we enjoy visiting up there, and one was having a holiday BBQ. There is also an outlet mall along the way.

What could be better than wine, swine and some discounted retail therapy?

We headed out late in the morning on Saturday, thinking it would be best to hit the outlet first, then head further north to the BBQ in the early afternoon.

Adam is not a good traveler. For one thing, he hates being strapped down in his car seat. For another, he seems to have inherited his mother's motion sickness gene. I won't go into detail, but it seems any trip longer than 30 minutes involves puking from the back seat. And that's just not a good thing.

Needless to say, we were a bit frazzled when we pulled into the outlet mall parking lot.

It was hot. Two-year olds don't like to shop. There were people. Many, many people.

Seems we had set ourselves up for misery.

I'd suggested to Doug that I'd like a little trinket from the Coach outlet store as a belated Mother's Day gift. All puking, heat, and swarms of people aside... I was on a purse-seeking mission and I was not to be deterred.

If there were 3,000 people at the entire outlet, I think 1,500 of them must have been in the Coach store. Mercy, it was a frenzy in there. Somehow I managed to attract the attention of Trudi, Coach employee of the month. She tried to hard-sell me on almost every color, style and price point in the place.

Finally I decided on a few things and did the toddler switch-a-roo with Doug so he could pay for it and I could run after the boy outside and
drip sweatglow.

The zig-zag line in the store was long. But he was a good sport, waiting patiently to pay for something I'm certain he thought I could live without.

When he emerged with the bag I thanked him and he said, "No problem at all. I was perfectly happy waiting. It was air conditioned in there."

Ever the practical and wise man.

We decided to skip the winery. We were exhausted, hot and tired. We figured the little boy would nod right off once we got the in the car.

That didn't happen until we were ten minutes from home, which made the rest of the day a sleep-deprived circus for us all.

Fireworks took on a whole new meaning at our house Saturday afternoon.
But at least we had air conditioning.


Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

I share your motion sickness gene as well, but fortunately my kids haven't shown any sign of it yet. As you know, puke and cars do not mix well! Sorry for the rough day, but you got a new bag and a funny post, right??? :)

Susan :

Hmmm...wonder if they make dramamine for little ones?? Sorry he wasn't feeling well...but hey, a new bag is a good thing! I think it'd be a COLD day in you-know-where before my DH would stand in the line to buy me a Coach purse. So hooray for your man!

I've wondered about those wineries up there when I pass the signs on 75. Someday maybe I'll actually stop.

Glad to be catching up with you finally!

:-) Susan

Just Mom :

"What could be better than wine, swine and some discounted retail therapy?"

LOL. Indeed.

We actually started our Saturday in a terrible mood (all three of us). We did eventually turn the day around, thank goodness.

annie :

I hate to get car sick... but I ♥ the coach outlet!!!

Tonja :

Well, any day that ends with new Coach goodies can be all bad!

Yep, you need to get the boy a patch or something for his travels. The Dr. can prescribe you something that will take care of this.

Enjoy your new stuff!

melissa :

LOL, Jill - I can SO relate ro this post. I did things such as this ALL the time, back when my oldest was a little one (that always puked in the car, even on a very short trip in town!!). Oh the lengths I would go just to get out and shop!! ;)


Monica :

Hi, just recently found your blog. You have a beautiful family.

Yes, I have found shopping and toddlers do not go together, but at least you got the purse!

I was curious about the CHI irons. I bought a kiyoseki iron, the one in the infomercials with Carmen Electra. I was skeptical and didn't want to dish out the money, but I have to say it was worth every penny! I have thick, coarse, wavy hair. I've been using this and my hair isn't wavy anymore, even when I get out of the shower! So, if you don't like your CHI, I would highly recommend this iron. My hair texture seems to have changed. Amazing.

The 5 Bickies :

Oh, the motion sickness is the worst. I hate when it all seems like a good idea until you are in the middle of it. Glad you got some Coach goodies before you had to head home!

Ang baylis :

I hope you got something you love! I wish you shared a picture! I hope you are well!

I'd love for you to share some more of your cute outfits with your friends in blog land! You are SO cool!
Much love,
Angie xoxo

Pearls To Hide My Neck :

The joy of shopping with a toddler. At least he didn't throw up on any of your new Coach purchases. ha!
I left you something on my blog.

Nadine :

Motion sickness is not fun. That happens to me on boats.

I'm glad you got a new Coach purse that must have made it worth it right?

Jillian :

Hi Jill! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I enjoyed reading your post...and I too would love to see a photo of THE BAG. :0)

My hubby would never buy me a Coach bag unless it was about 90 percent off. LOL.


Linda :

Those days will give you great memories in the future. :) I think my sister has been to that outlet. I will have to go next time I visit her and hopefully we will have someone watch the kids. :)

Tammy :

Oh....(((((HUGS))) to you, Jill!
But you told this so well!

My husband gets carsick if he is a passenger, but not a driver.
The girls and I are "usually" fine...but I was a little worried getting ready for our trip this spring...and I was so thankful there wasn't any of it on our long, long trip to California and back!!!
From the sounds of things, I don't think your little guy will be doing a two day road trip any time soon! LOL
At least you got a new bag, and ten years from now, you'll look back at this day almost fondly. I think. ;)

Kim :

Oh you made me homesick for GA. I love those outlets in Dawsonville and the spa at Chateau Elan, Dahlonega, waterfalls and apple barns, etc....(I hope to get up there this fall!) Sounds like a crazy day for sure but it's true your man is a good one to stand in line for you at Coach! Yes please post a picture of the things you bought and more cool outfits!

Preppy Pink Crocodile :

OH no! I am terrible with motion sickness too- which is terribly annoying! So sorry your day was a bust. At least you made it home in one piece-ish!

Jody :

What could be better, you ask. Hmmm, me thinks a good babysitter whilst mommy & daddy head off for adult pursuits of fun. :)

Lauren :

I am sorry you all didn't make it to the winery. Enjoy your week!

An Iowa Mom :

What? You skipped the winery? You did lose your mind, didn't you? I think skipping it is where you went all wrong.

Should have gone to the winery first, relaxed a bit, maybe sneak a sip in for Adam ... which would knock him out ... then go shopping with him sleeping soundly in the stroller.

Just Kidding about slipping him a sip, I don't want your readers to start sending me hate mail.

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