2 Year Blogiversary - Doubly Good Week (Day #5)


Well, we've made it. Five days of giveaways and I've had so much fun!

Today's Doubly Good Giveaway is a Vera Bradley Hipster Bag. (Two people will each receive a hipster). Winner can specify a pattern or let me choose.

Thank you so much for celebrating with me this week!

Tune in Saturday to see who has been chosen.


ikkinlala :

Happy (belated) blogiversary!

I'm not sure if Canadians may enter your draws, but I'm going to put my name in just in case.

Momma Roar :

Happy Friday!!

I love VB and the new print in the picture is one of my new favorites, although, I don't have anything in that print!

I wanted to comment in my post yesterday about your comment - and forgot :-O But, yeah, I am enjoying golf and some of my new clothing to make me look the part - HAHA, too bad it doesn't help me play better! LOL!!!

Beth :

Now THAT"S what I'm talkin' about!! Count me in for that, please!

CR :

This would be my first, official VB bag!

Steph :

Who couldn't use some VB!
Looking forward to tomorrow and seeing the winners!

Belle (from Life of a...) :

Lorelai and I are CRAZY for Vera. What a fun fun week this has been.

Just Mom :

Oh! Me! Me! Let it be me!

Cara :

What a great end to celebrate! Love, love VB!

annie :

Great week of doubles!
You should have blogiversaries more often! :)
Have a great Friday.

Monica :

ooo, love the purse, I like the colors. Great choice!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

You have had some awesome prizes this week! Thanks for the fun!

maggi :

Wow! Great prizes all week long!

SaraMelene :

What a great way to end the week!

The LeCroys :

This has been so awesome!!!! I can't wait to see who the winners are....Here's to many more years of blogging! :)

Mister-M :

Happy Blogiversary. Have a doubly doubly-good week!

xoxo~ Meg :

Oh...my...gosh...I LOVE Vera Bradley...thank you for being so generous to your readers and giving us an opportunity to participate in celebrating with you!

YOU rock!

kdwhorses :

Wow! Don't have one of those!

Thanks for including us in celebrating with you this week! Looking forward to seeing who is the winners!!

Happy Friday!! :)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

I love Bloglines! Reminds me to come back here every time you post to sign up again!


Cricket :

omigosh you are giving away the greatest things this week. love the vb print. please enter me in this one, too

Kathryn :

Wow, a new bag for fall - a perfect ending to a great week! Thank you, Jill!

Scarlet O'Kara :

Happy Friday! Hope your Second Blogiversary is going great and you are meeting lots of new friends.

Christina :

This is too cool! Man, you're good!
Please enter little "old" moi...

Susan :

Woo hoo...love the hipsters!! I actually used a couple of mini-hipsters this summer in my travels.

Anywya, I'm loving this and think I may have to do some sort of give away for my birthday next week. I'm thinking...

:-) Susan

April :

Happy Blogiversary!My first blog comment ever to anyone!

Preppy Engineer :

This just keeps getting better and better. Great gifts to iove away!

Buford Betty :

Delicious! Count me in...

Sasha :

Precious! I'm in!

Susan :

Your ending with a Hipster Bag is so fitting, Jill because you are ALWAYS so hip. Can't wait to see who wins all these wonderful items.

April :

Oh I love this bag!Count me in.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane :

Wow, a Vera Bradley? I would love to be entered for this one also! How many of these can we enter, Jill?! You're having such awesome giveaways :) Happy Blogaversary!

A.E. McC. :

Congrats on 2 years of blogging!

Tracy :

Vera is my BFF!! :)


Wow, I almost stayed away from the computer today since its 100 degrees and the local pool is calling my name. This purse would be perfect while toting my two young ones. We all know how stylish you are!

Lisa @ Take90West :

Oh my gosh, Jill!!! I have had my eye on a VB forever! But, a) i have a million good purses so don't want to spend the money, and b) I could never decided which pattern to pick! Love the hipster...thanks for the chance at the awesome giveaways this week!

Midwest Nest :

Beautiful bag. Add me to the draw. Thanks ever so much.

The 5 Bickies :

Oh my, your giveaways get better and better! Please enter me in today's giveaway. Sorry I missesd yesterday!

Lissete :

Love it! Count me in on this one too.

wheretheboysare :

You have a blogiversary and we get prizes. I like this concept!

Count me in. Thanks.
Jackie @ where the boys are

Vader's Mom :

Cute cute bag!!

Rejoyce :

I was just looking at the Vera Bradley collection when I was in the Halmark Store. I really like the collection & would love to win something!

I hope that you are having as much fun as we are on Blogiversary!


annie's eyes :

Double the fun all week! Count me in. VB has some new prints!

Kari :

Another fabulous prize! I love Vera Bradley bags, that's almost all I carry. Thanks and congrats again!

Pink in a sea of blue :

Count me in, too! Great look. Not so "mommyish". Ha!

Sandra :

Oh it's beautiful, count me in :)

Angie :

This has been a blast! Thanks for making the week a little more fun!

jeanetta :

Thanks so much for treating us to all these goodies!

Cas :

I love a good draw! New to your site (can't remember from who I got here though.

Happy 2 years!

Hillcrest Acres :

Count me in!! I love Vera Bradley!!!

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