A Bottomless Tank


Last weekend I got a new (used) SUV. I'd been thinking about getting a new (used) SUV for awhile, but I wasn't thinking about it too seriously.

But then all of a sudden I woke up on Sunday morning and said, "I am going to buy a new (used) SUV."

And so I did.

Do not take this the wrong way, but I am not all that concerned with gas prices. I'm a little concerned, but not concerned enough to buy a hybrid car instead of a big 'ole SUV. Besides, I like the concept of buying low. SUV's are not popular right now, so you can get them at a good price.

And anyway, I'm sure sometime soon Barack and Hillary will turn this pitiful country completely around and gas will be 76 cents a gallon and John Edwards will be in charge of educating our children on morals and good behavior.

I love my SUV.

Adam loves it too, because not only does my SUV have a key that flips out when you "push 'da liddle button" , my SUV also apparently toots.

The little bugger is hearing some sort of noise in the SUV that sounds like a toot.

And I cannot, for the life of me, hear it.

At first the little two year old strapped in the back seat was accusing me of tooting!

Then I told him mom's do not toot.

Which somehow made him decide all girls are toot-less and only boys toot.

And I pretty much agreed. Because, quite frankly, after working for ten hours I did not have the patience to explain the birds and the bees of tooting to the two year old strapped in the back seat.

But the toot lessons... they did not stick.

Because the next day he started in on me again about the tooting.

Was it me tooting?
Why was I tooting?
Could he toot, too?
And could we toot together.

And then I had to remind him that I do not toot, nor do I cuss, or drink, or eat ice cream directly out of the carton, or take a huge handful of mints at Longhorn then slip out the door.

I'm clean. Lily white. Perfect.

I simply do not toot.

But I'm starting to think perhaps I should investigate this tooting a little more.

Wouldn't that be a toot and a holler.....

An SUV that never runs out of gas!


CR :

Congrats on the new (used) SUV! I've had an Explorer and an Escape and loved the extra room! Here's to tooting!

Melissa @ Breath of Life :

I have an Explorer, too. I don't think I'll ever go back to a car.

You crack me up, by the way!


I live in a sea of Suburu's and sometimes I feel like I am getting the stare down. My SUV is paid for and its been good to me, somebody has to help stimulate the economy!

Julie :

I love my SUV also! It's paid for, has a third seat if we need it... I could go on and on. Congrats!

Susan :

You are too funny!!!!! You tooter you.

maggi :

I love my SUV also!
But the tooting is too funny!

Belle (from Life of a...) :

I occastionally feel slightly guilty about my SUV but not that often. I feel nice and safe driving down the busy highway.

The Mrs. :

I don't toot either. And I oooove my SUV! toot toot!

Tonja :

I had a SUV...then hubby decided I needed to use less gas so, now I have a baby suv. That's what he says, but I'm not buying it...well, we did buy it...but he can't fool me...I know it is not a baby suv...it's just a little wanna be suv and I do not like it and I want my SUV back. But alas, I'm tied to this lease for 3 years...bummer...I feel like tooting!
Very funny post. You made me laugh...but I still miss my SUV.

Lauren :

I am probably going to get an SUV soon too. I am glad you like yours!

kdwhorses :

Happy tooting!!! ROTFL!!!!!

justabeachkat :

Hi sweet friend!

My Mom and Aunt were here for a week, but left yesterday morning, so I'm working hard to visit all of my blogging friends. It seems like forever since I've been able to visit.

What is it about "tooting" that kids love? They want to talk about it all the time. Especially boys! LOL

BTW...I'm celebrating my blog's 3rd birthday! Amazing! Thanks for being such a sweet blogging friend!


Susan :

Oh my goodness...you crack me up! and for that matter, so does HE! He's going to give you a run for your money for sure!!

:-) Susan

The Things We Carried :

Well said! You are a hoot, if not a toot (er)!

Pink in a sea of blue :

I love my paid for SUV, too! And mini#2 asked me today in Marshall's if I tooted when, in fact, he tooted! Here's to boys!

Sandy :

Congrats on your new SUV!
Hope you have a fabulous week.

SouthernAccent :

I've tagged you on my site! Check it out! http://southernstuf.blogspot.com/2008/08/tag-six-un-spectacular-things-about-me.html

Mad About Plaid Girl :

My dad says that women don't toot, they make 'sweet nothings'. HA I love it that you call it tooting..we do too!

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