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Today's the final day of my Fall Home Tour 2008. As I've posted and captioned the photos from around my house these past few days, I've realized many of the areas don't have fall decor. So, the case of missing pumpkins and candy corn, consider this a home tour taking place in the fall.

This is our foyer entering from the front door. That mirror is an antique from a Paris flea market. The mirror glass is split and lightly antiqued. The frame of the mirror is a bit beat-up and shows it age....I like mirrors like that. The scale of this mirror by today's standards is small - narrow and short - but it was considered full size in the 1800's.

Our next project (do they ever end in older homes?) is to rip out the carpet gradually and replace with hardwood. I'd like that carpet on the stairs to be the first to go. I'd love dark treads and maybe a zebra print stair runner, though my husband doesn't like that idea very well.

This little shelf (from HomeGoods) was the perfect solution for the wall that showcased the thermostat smack dab in the center. The shelf is only 4" wide, so we don't bump it when we walk by and that cow engraving covers the thermostat perfectly!

I love this little swag mirror, and would you believe I got it in a sale bin at HomeGoods for $3.99? It had a little chip out of it and it was bright, tacky, shiny gold. I took it to the shop and had them wax it down and put a little stipple on it (I call it "dust") and it looks antique!

This is our library, right off the foyer. The armoire belonged to my husband when we met and it was painted red.

I've scattered some pumpkins on the lower shelves...the pumpkin in the far lower left was made by my mom. Adam loves to take the lid off and "plant" it various places in this room. He's convinced another pumpkin will grow from that lid. I'm sure he also thinks there's candy under that lid!

This is a great reading and snuggling chair. I also collect drawings of lions and tigers... That little pillow says "Boo" - a nickname we have for Adam. That chair was my favorite place to hold him when he was a newborn.
Thanks for stopping by my home for Fall Tour 2008. This is a favorite time of year at our house. We've got lots of fall and winter birthdays to celebrate, and the holidays are so much fun for us.
If you are doing your own fall home tour, let me know. I'd love to stop by for a visit!


Dianne :

You have a great home, Jill. Thanks for posting all the pictures. I'd post some too if my house looked as good as yours! :-) Hope you have a great weekend.

Lisa @ Take90West :

Your style is awesome...be still my heart with the idea of the dark treads and zebra runner. Oh my! What an awesome idea.

Tammy :

Beautiful home, Jill!
(And I just want to snuggle in that big chair and read a good book!)

Tonja :

What a beautiful and inviting home! I know many sweet memories have been made in those rooms!

Love the zebra runner idea! I have an actual zebra skin that I dearly want to use in the Creek House, but Don can't stand it!

Holly :

I enjoyed your Fall home tour--from the comfort of my chair. All the touches and accents go together so nicely. This time of year is so fun!

Momma Roar :

Everything is so lovely. That chair looks very comfortable!

I just cannot get myself in the mood to do anything for the change of seasons...usually I'm all ready for it and enjoy doing it, but not this year. :-(

Vader's Mom :

This was a fun tour. I hardly ever update my house with the seasons (you'll be lucky see to Christmas decorations up around here).

Tickled Pink And Green :

Love that $3.99 mirror!!

My house is about a weeks worth of cleaning away from any sort of "tour' and even about 4 days worth of stashing away junk from a clearning service being able to clean.

It's sad.

lisa :

again, i just love your taste. i am going to attempt to bring some of your touches into my home. care to show your front door decor?

Jillian :

Lovely home! I love everything but especially the snuggly reading chair!

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comments....we are home and adjusting well, so far! We have been truly blessed.


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special :

Hi Jill, I have enjoyed my tour of your home in it's Fall splendor..I have seen many things around your house with the symbol of the Fleur-De- Lis. were you ever in a sorority who used this symbol??

You remind me of my daughter Julie who lives in Marietta, Ga. and has three girls..The two of you might know each other..I wish you and your family a good week-end. Hugs, Baba

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

I love love your reading and snuggling chair! OK...I'm going to go check out the rest of your tour. I like your taste. Your home looks lovely.

p.s. go for the zebra runner ;)

Sonya :

Beautiful home! I love your reading/snuggle chair!

The 5 Bickies :

You have such a lovely home! Thanks for the tour. I still haven't gotten out fall decorations...I am lame with seasonal decor but I love and appreciate it in other people's homes.

Just Mom :

Beautiful home. I love your decorating taste. Care to help me?

Julie :

I love seeing how people with a great eye decorate their homes. Walking through the rooms on your blog made me feel like I met a woman who takes great care to make her house into a welcome, orderly place of beauty for her family. I may ask you for ideas as I'm now preparing to decorate a huge living room that has previously been empty! :) Thank you for sharing your space, Jill.

Lauren :

Your house looks beautiful!

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