Runnin' on Empty


We have no...

* night time diapers

* diet tonic

* apple juice

* child who wants to go to sleep

* gas in my car

* chocolate in the house

Thank goodness the season premier of Boston Legal is about to start, or I'd really be running on empty.


Gracie Beth :

I am sorry to hear that everything is so hectic right now! I hope things get better soon :)

CR :

I feel your "gas" pains...

The Mrs. :

OMGooodness I am so with you. I was about to pull my hair out today because of Landons abbreviated nap and my lack of one! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Belle (from Life of a...) :

If I ever get in trouble with the law I REALLY want Alan Shore to be my attorney.

Beth :

Can you find gas in Atlanta? Up in the NC mountains it's hard to find a station with gas and, if you do, it's a three-hour wait in line.

I'm not sitting there without chocolate :-)

I hope you get "refueled" soon!

Caffeine Court :

I know the feeling. I don't even get to watch a fun TV show.

My husband is making me watch GWB's Presidential Address on the Economy.

Jillian, Inc :

Beth- We're having a bit of a gas crisis here in metro ATL now. Luckily hubby and I both wre able to fill up without much trouble...he late Monday night and me early, early Tuesday morning. Many stations are out of gas altogether. The stations that do have gas have long, long lines as you mentioned. Scary.

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