The Old Grey Mare...She Ain't What She Used to Be


If you should happen to suddenly get a wild hair to perform a Rockette-style kick in your kitchen at 9pm on a Friday night and end up flat on your back on the floor in a split second, please write about it on your blog.

Don't forget the part where in the .43276 seconds it takes to fall you see your husband gasp and cover his face.

And then there's the part right after you land hard on your left hip where you don't know whether to laugh or cry and you wait for the shooting pain to begin.

And then tell about how your husband got down on the floor to see if you were OK and you both start laughing hysterically.

And then how you laughed even harder when your nearly-teenage daughter walks in and says, "I thought I heard a thump and then I walk in you all are like....on the floor.....laughing" (**rolls eyes**).

I know if it happened to you you'd probably write about it the next day still laughing.

And then cringing at the pain in your neck and arm.

And then I am sure you'd say, "I guess I'm not 25 any more."

And maybe even roll your eyes.....

if your neck didn't hurt so much.


Just Mom :


Forty is hard, isn't it.

Momma Roar :



Nadine :

That hurts and is funny. I would blog about it.

Lynne :

I took a big fall once many years ago. It was in front of the time clock at work, on a snowy day. There was a big puddle in front of the time clock and I landed right in the middle of it. I started laughing, then laughed so hard I wet my pants. I couldn't get up because I didn't want anyone to see that the slushy puddle had changed color!

Hope you weren't hurt and are feeling better now.

Julie :

Wait until the big 5-0. Then you'll be kicking up your heels an inch or two above the floor and holding on to the kitchen counter to stay upright when you do it. :)

Susan :

I always enjoy your take on things.

Jam♥ :

Heh. It happens~

As long as you keep on laughing you'll never grow old.

...Well, that's a lie, but I like to tell people that anyways~

Tickled Pink And Green :

A couple of years ago we were at a restaurant and had just been shown to our table and hubby was asking for a highchair and apparently told them to put it at a place where I thought I was about to sit down. Well, I sat down and kept going and going and going and...plop...smack dab on the floor and then I rolled back and my legs went in the air. My daughter was about 10 at the time and had a brought along a friend and they along with the hubby and the horrified waiter who had pulled away the chair just sat there speechless. It was hilarious and painful at the same time.

I can still remember how it felt to keep going and going and never feeling that "stop" that you're supposed to feel with a chair of course.

Luckily I have quite a nice "cushion" (okay, my butt) to soften the blow somewhat.


Jillian :

Oh my gosh! That is something I would do! I used to be a dancer (still think I am) and I forget that I am not in shape anymore. And that I'm 40!!!!!

Hope the pain is gone. :) At least you two were laughing about it.


Tonja :

OK...I would blog about it, but I probably wouldn't laugh near as much as I'm laughing now!

Susan :

Oh Jill, are you OK now? I can picture laughing and pain all at once...AGH! These "lessons" that remind us we aren't as young as we once were are HARD sometimes.



Tricia :

laughing out loud Jill!! glad your ok though!! a couple of weeks ago I was waiting tables at our family restaurant and was carrying 8 deserts on my tray, walked thru the kitchen where water had been spilt, and splat!! all 8 deserts came tumbling down, along with yours truely!! I wanted to cry, but didn't. I wanted to crawl under a rock, but couldn't!!

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