Let's Talk About Fashion


Since the post I did several months ago on my spring/summer wardrobe , I've gotten some requests to do a fall/winter wardrobe post.

My husband can attest to the fact that I'm pretty much
overstockedset with fall and winter clothing and shoes....

and jackets and coats...

and boots,

and scarves,

oh! and handbags, too.

We know the UPS man so well, we're thinking of adding him to our will.

So, in light of the upcoming wardrobe unveiling - complete with many photos - is there anything in particular you'd like me to cover?

Any fall/winter wardrobe questions / ideas / conundrums rolling around in your pretty heads?

Any and all suggestions appreciated.

Because, just like shoes, you can never have too many comments.


Nadine :

I can't think of anything right off, but I'm sure you'll come up with something good to share.

justabeachkat :

Yeah...looking forward to it.

Questions - where do you order from? have you found the perfect white shirt? Not me, but I'd sure love to find one.


Paige's Petals :

I am with Kat! I have never found a good white shirt. I wear them once and they just hang in my closet. Where is your favorite place to shop?

The 5 Bickies :

I loved your spring/summer post and am looking forward to this one too. I loved how you mixed and matched and added in your accessories.

Any new ideas for wearing some of your older items? I love mixing and matching patterns...do you have any good examples?

Thanks for doing this!

Jennifer :

Jill - you have great style and I would love to see some of your outfits all put together; blouse, skirt/pants, shoes, coats & jewelry! Also, I'm with the others...where do you shop online?


Ang baylis :

Bring the fashion tips on, Jill! Shall I copy and post your valuable tips??? I am still looking for some animal print shoes... Did I tell you I took the other ones back? I NEED your help! Is purple still the color? I got a black and white herringbone skirt for the holidays, but need to know what color to wear on top? Do I get a sweater? What color? Help! I appreciate your help!
Angie xoxo

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit :

No specific questions from me...I'm just looking forward to reading everything you have to say.

Lennye :

I like the idea of a perfect white shirt. I LOVE white shirts. Also, shoes would be interesting. Teaching all day I need a shoe with good support that still looks good! I wear Keen's, but there isn't much variety in style.

Holly :

I'll be waiting eagerly for the Fall edition. I'd love tips on nice, mix and match casual wear that doesn't break the bank. Hear in TX we don't need too much in the cold weather wear, so I like to layer and have a fun jacket.

Holly :

Whoops! Caught that typo one click too late. Should have said here in TX...

The Mrs. :

I can't think of specifics but I am looking forward to this post!!!

Momma Roar :

What are your essentials for fall??

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