Baby It's **Hot** Outside


So, here in the deep south it's been a little warm and muggy the past couple days.

Honestly, I made them turn the air on in my office today.

(Nobody likes a hot and cranky boss.)

Yesterday I was in a gift store and one of the cute, young sales clerks declared she was freezing! just freezing! as her skinny little legs shook inside her Uggs.

And the (ahem...older) sales clerk helping me said while rolling her eyes,

"Clearly she's under 40 and has never had kids. Otherwise, she'd be burning up like me."

Oh sweet mercy! Have truer words ever been spoken?

And then I promptly got in my SUV and blasted the A/C.


Amber Kay :

Oh daughter hasn't been able to go outside all week for recess because it's below zero plus bitterly cold windchill!

suburban prep :

Well I can handle being cold a bit more than I can handle being hot. I have my own personal summers at my age every now and again.

Tonja :

It is so hot and humid here, too. It is foggy and damp, too. As long as the rain holds out while we are moving I will be happy!

I am not a lover of cold weather anyway...but a little chill in the air is nice for Christmas.

Pink Preppy Party Girl :

Skinny girls--easier to put clothing on than take it off!

The Things We Carried :

Much cooler over my way!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

I am so jealous! Only a little to your north, it has been cold and rainy forever! I don't know when we last saw the sun or had temps above 40s. Could you send your weather a few hours north?

Mom on the Run :

Well, that's the bright side of our heater going on the's not cold. But that also hasn't lit a fire under DOTR to get it taken care of either.

I did like going to a Christmas party tonight and not having to wear a coat. It's supposed to be 72 tomorrow, isn't it?

Sandra :

LOL that is so funny

Pink in a sea of blue :

Hotlanta is living up to its name. My friend there told me about the balmy weather! I'm 38 and have kids and I'm hot all of the time, too! My husband doesn't understand why I need a/c in the car these days either.

Jillian :


I'll be there in a flash! I can't stand winter and this one has arrived earlier than I'd hoped!

Thanks for sharing...

Tammy :

Just come on out to the Northwest,'ll cool off! ;)

Seriously, we usually have mild- mostly rainy- winters in my area but we're in a deep freeze with temps not this low since the early 70's they say! We're talking 20's and teens- and one day the wind chill making it 0!

Nadine :

It was warm here too - 68. I'm not use to this type of weather during the month of December.

Kari :

I'm always freezing everyone out around here. Yesterday it was 35 degrees, but I had to open my back door because I was burning up. I actually love the cold weather.


Its in the 20's here and I can only wear a long sleeve t-shirt and puffy vest otherwise I overheat! I so agree.

Jody :

Don't even want to hear it...

Ice & snow here. Stuck indoors. Pffttt...

Belle (from Life of a...) :

Yep...80 here for the past two days. My son went to the beach!

Geri :

I'd rather be hot than cold. However, even though I'm in California it's really cold today and it's been raining. It does make it seem a little more like Christmas with the icky weather though.

Tricia :

laughin out loud Jill!! Poor little skinny thing!!

Sandy :

We had a record down here south of ya with a HOT 79 degrees yesterday! I have to admit that I love it though and would love year round weather like this!
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

Lennye :

I've had some of the worse hot flashes this week! One day my principal wanted to send me to the doctor.

At 10:49 it is 65 degrees and my air is on!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

Jill, Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! He's finally 3.

Well, it's cooled down now, hasn't it?! We'll be coming over to the ATL for a couple of days for Christmas this week. Hope you & yours have a great week!

Susan :

I am SO THERE for you! I can't stand it when everyone else is cold and I'm MELTING! My DH tells the boys just to put on their sweatshirts and blankets and leave Mom alone! :-)

Preppy Pink Crocodile :

Well I am not begging for heat but the fact that you were hot when I was digging out of an ice storm and several snow storms has me thinking I moved to the wrong state! I hope you had a fabulous holiday!

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