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Welcome to my home! This is my third year taking part in BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes. Here in Atlanta the festivities are well under way, but the weather's not very cold. We certainly don't have any snow...unless you count colorful fall leaves still covering the ground.

Here's my family. We have a teen, a 'tween, and a toddler. Never a dull moment around our house. I'm a step-mom to the two oldest children and my husband and I have a son, Adam, together. He turns 3 years old on December 16th. My husband and I met on e-Harmony in 2003 and will celebrate our 5th anniversary on New Year's Eve.

One of my very favorite things about this time of year is displaying my snowman collection. I have almost 90 - all of them gifts - and I know the giver and story of each one I've received. I love them!

Every year since we've been married I design a frame for our Christmas card photo and display the whole collection of them in the bookcases in my living room over the holidays. Here's years 2003 and 2004...

2005 and 2006...

2007 and 2008...

On to my keeping room / kitchen, where my family spends a fair amount of time. This is one of my favorite places in the house to sit, looking out over our wooded back yard. I love hanging this festive wreath.

Another little corner niche in my keeping room. I keep the large blue and white vase out year-round and change out the greenery for the season. Decorating..easy and fast!

A little boxwood wreath hangs on the window above my sink. I got the Peace ornament at a neighborhood ornament exchange at my house earlier this month. Thanks, Kelley! And more of my beloved snowman collection. A family of five, just like in real life!

This table sits beside my laundry room off the kitchen and displays some of my now-growing collection of santas.

Another Santa tucked into a corner on my kitchen cabinet.

And a jolly trio by my stove.

On to my dining room, and the wine buffet. I love decorating with Christmas balls. They're inexpensive, shiny and very, very pretty just tossed in a container by themselves.

A little corner in the powder room

The living room, where our stockings are hung. One of my fondest memories of Christmas as a child is seeing what was in my stocking on Christmas morning. So Mom and Dad still have a stocking at our house. Santa lives in your heart, after all!

I keep the bookcases on either side of the mantle fairly simple - have to save room for all my books! A little sprig here... a little berry there...added to the things I keep up all year-round.

Our three year old calls this Nativity "Jesus' town". I bought it at Cracker Barrel (of all places!) one fall day on a road trip.

Thanks for stopping by my house on this fun bloggy tour of homes.

From our home to yours....
Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a bright New Year!


Kelly :

I LOVE your house and I remember you and your lovely family and home from the last couple of tours!!! So precious!!!!

Lisa @ Take90West :

Jill! Everything looks so great. You're home is gorgeous as always! I don't think I've seen a picture of your step-daughter in awhile and she has grown so much, she's beautiful!

I'm going to steal your idea of framing each year's Christmas card and putting them out...that is genius! I have them all sitting in a box for someone to find in the attic one day! Your beautiful home inspires me!

Totallyscrappy :

Very pretty. I love the Santa trio.

Just Mom :

As always, Jill ... beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

By the way, we have the same Caroline Kennedy book. I loved reading it last year, and plan to read it this week now that all my Christmas shopping/card writing/etc. are done.

Thanks for the tour.

Cyndi :

Love all your snowmen. Your home is beautiful. Thanks for hosting. Merry Christmas

Pink Preppy Party Girl :

First, are you sure this isn't a home in Veranda or Southern Accents! Your decorations are just beautiful! I also frame my cards every year--see my blog. Great minds think a like.

Kari :

Jill, you have a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing! I love your snowman collection. My sister also collects snowmen. She has a guest bedroom that she calls her "snowman room". It's done in a pretty blue color and decorated year-round with all her snowmen. Merry Christmas!

Steph :

Your home is so pretty Jill!
I love your frame idea! I should do something like that!
Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

Melissa @ Breath of Life :

Beautiful...but I didn't expect anything less.

Whitney Caroline Designs :

The frames are a GREAT idea! Your house is beautiful! I love all the wreaths out front!

Wishes for a Merry Christmas!
- Whitney

Tricia :

Beutiful Jill!! Great job as usual. I love the ideas of framing your card pictures....I might steal that if you don't mind : )

Dena :

You have a beautiful home and a beautiful family. My brother & SIL met on eharmony too. :) Thanks for sharing!

Gracie Beth :

Your home is absolutely beautiful!

Tammy :

Thank you for the tour of your lovely home, Jill! Everything looks so nice, and I love the tradition of designing and framing each year's Christmas card!

Come over and stop by for some tea at my place now...:)

Heather :

Your home is beautiful. Everything looks so nice. You have such a lovely family too.

Heather :

You have such a pretty house, thanks so much for the tour, all your decorations are so pretty! Merry Christmas!!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

Everything looks beautiful! I especially like the frames you design each year. What a way to keep and treasure those photos!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

Jill, your home is lovely!

OK I am loving the framing the Christmas cards idea. I may steal that one.

And Cracker Barrel really has some awesome decorations.

Fun, fun. Thanks for the tour!

Ms. Mayhem :

Fantastic. Thank you for sharing!

Ameratis :

I love the framed pictures from each year. Everything is beautiful thanks for sharing :)

justabeachkat :

Every thing looks so pretty Jill. I love the idea of framing your Christmas photos...that's a wonderful family tradition.

Christmas hugs sweet friend!

Tonja :

It's beautiful, Jill. Everything looks great! I love how you frame your card each year and keep them all together. Great idea!

Enjoy the season!

clemsongirlandthecoach :

It all looks fabulous. When are you coming over to deal with The Casa de could use your touch!


Kim@ForeverWherever :

Everything is beautiful! I love the photos! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Susan :

Everything in your home is so lovely, Jill. Of course I knew it would be. I love what you said about your snowmen and knowing the story for each and every one and who gave them to you. I am the very same with my collections and gifts. We didn't put up too many decorations this year because so much was in the attic and I wasn't about to let Mickey get up there and I sure wasn't going to. My best and favorite things I keep on a special shelf in the house so I put all that out. Happy Holidays to you guys. Love the family snapshot. AND Marc and his eharmony connection are doing good :o) This always makes me think of you guys :o)

Heidi @ Trendy Dollar :

Love your house, esp the outside with the wreaths. We have a tree up. Does that count? :)

Paige :

Love your snowmen collection! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.

Scarlet O'Kara :

What a lovely home. Thank you for opening it up to us.

Ashley :

LOVE the Christmas card idea! Your home and style is so pretty. And what a lovely family :o) Come and see me at my house (blog)!

Keetha :


Merry Christmas!

linda :

I love your decorating style...just beautiful!

Anne :

Love the decorations for your house - inside and out! Merry Christmas!

Kate :

Your home is lovely. Merry Christmas!

Praise and Coffee :

Beautiful home, so inviting! Thanks.

Tim :


You have such a beautiful family! Enjoyed your tour very much and already look forward to next years. Great photography too.

C♥ :

Your house is gorgeous!!!

Momma Roar :

So beautiful and welcoming!!! I really like the look of everything - and you know what simple thing caught my eye? The square wreath with the stars on either side at your window - that was so pretty (as was everything else)!!

I posted mine today, but missed adding it to BooMama's tour by 5 minutes! :(

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Phillips Phamily Mama :

How beautiful! I've got an albumn of past Christmas card photos, but I love your idea of framing them. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

P.S. We're in Atlanta, too!

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