Coming up for Air


How are you, all my blogging friends?

If you're like me, the post-Christmas haze is beginning to lift.

The kids' stuff that layed all over the house for days is beginning to find a place to roost.

The tree is down.

The Santas and Snowmen are once again bundled up in their bin in the basement.

And so are the wreaths and berries. (**sniff**)

And I am rejoicing in the fact that, until January 5, I do not have to:

* wear heels or pantyhose
* listen to talk radio during rush hour
* slurp down my coffee while listening to talk radio during rush hour
* rise at the crack of dawn
* say "hurry or we will be late" 1,327 times before 7:30am
* stop reading at 11pm because I have to get up at the crack of dawn
* sell something
* rush
* wear mascara
* eat lunch at my desk
* kiss anyone good-bye. I can just kiss them and stay!
* make any decisions more pressing than what to wear, eat or watch

But, I do still have to do the laundry and load/unload the dishwasher 699 times a day.

Santa failed to bring me a maid once again.

(But he did bring me a kickin' new dress that I'll be wearing out to dinner on our anniversary- a.k.a. New Year's Eve).

So, what's up at your house? What did Santa bring you?


Tammy :

I know...Santa forgot to send me a maid, too!

How fun that you were married New Year's Eve...I had almost forgotten that! You'll have to post a photo of you in that snazzy new dress!

And you already know I got a snazzy new laptop from which I'm typing to you right now! :D

We always keep up our tree until New Year's...but it is getting a little crusty now! LOL
We're having just a handful of relatives over for games, ect that evening...we'll see how long all of our kids stay awake!

Have a wonderful rest of your vacation!

Gracie Beth :

Santa brought my mom a, but I leave on the 5th ;)

Susan :

Enjoy your time off and especially enjoy that New Year Anniversary.

Our son is taking Mickey & I out to eat with his children and the new lady in his life New Years Eve :o) Yeah for e-har*mony!!!!

Nadine :

Too bad about the maid. Maybe next year. Now you know you have to take a picture of yourself in the dress so we all can see.

Jody :

Christmas begins departing from our house today.

I got a new water heater and Doug got new brakes. Not what we were wanting but these things happen. At least my H2O heater is a tankless- it should cut some costs...

Pink in a sea of blue :

Your mornings remind me of my mornings in Atlanta when I was a working mommy. Don't miss that traffic! Enjoy your remaining days of freedom! I got a great Michael Kors bag that I wasn't expecting. I would just be happy to have someone unload my dishwasher and fold clean clothes 699 times, too.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

We are still celebrating here (we are opening gifts with my family today), so I am a little behind you as far as cleaning up goes, but I'd say the laundry and dishes sound about right! :) Be sure to show us a picture of your dress! Happy Anniversary!

Belle (from Life of a...) :

Today is my day for putting things away...Just need my husband to get home to haul the tree outside.

justabeachkat :

Darn, my "maids" aka Mom and Aunt Sherry left this morning.

I'm glad you have some time to just relax and enjoy your sweet family.

I pray you have a blessed 2009!


kdwhorses :

Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary!

We leave our tree up until after New Year's too.

Just Mom :

Have an awesome anniversary! I do hope you plan to post pics of you and that kickin' dress.

annie :

I need a maid!

I'm still in the haze, and hub is off tomorrow through next tuesday so it will be a huge haze! I can't seem to get anything done when he is around the house!

Happy New Year!!!

CR :

We didn't get a maid either. I put on eyeshadow today for the first time since December 24! It was an iPod Touch Christmas around here and we just took down our Christmas stuff, which is early but we're having friends and family over this weekend. Enjoy your vaca!

The 5 Bickies :

No maid here and with all the cleaning out I am not sure whether my house looks better or WORSE! Decorations will start to come down over the weekend...I'm always ready to undecorate after New Years.

As for presents...I got a no-iron Brooks Brothers shirt (thanks to your suggestion :)) and a trip to Calif in 2 weeks to see my best friend...yipee!

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