I'm Baaaack!


Well, not all of me....my blog is still *ka-put*, but it's onward and upward. I am still being positive and hoping my original blog can be restored, but until then, I'll start where I left off.

Thank you to all of you for your support, comments, suggestions, links and even posting about my dilemma on your own blogs. You are all wonderful and so very special to me.

Thanks, too, to my awesome blog designer Jen. (see her info at the bottom of my sidebar). She came to my rescue without a moment's hesitation to restore my blog design, answer my silly questions, quell my panic and get things looking pretty again. Thank you, Jen!

If you're so inclined to "follow" me again (at the top of my sidebar), I'd love it. I lost all my "followers" in the deletion. However, I do think I am still showing as "following" on all of the blogs I was linked to previously.

Again, thanks so much to each of you!


Susan :

I redid my following to be sure I was shown again on your page :o)

Just Mom :


Nadine :

Jill I'm so sorry this happened. I had no idea. I hope you get all that back.

Justabeachkat :

When I saw your post title "I'm baaaack!" my heart skipped a beat thinking you got your blog back. I see it hasn't happened yet, but I'm still hoping it will. Any feedback yet from the website I sent to you?

I signed up to "follow" you again.


Becky K. :

Following...again, I think! If not, you just gained a new follower because of all this. Sometimes I think I have signed up only to see that something didn't work.

Hope you get the original posts back.

Leah :

Oh - I would be a mixture of angry and sad if this happened to me! I'm so sorry - I hope that all your posts can somehow be retrieved.

Jill :

thanks to all of my followers!

Miss Janice :

I am hanging in there with you...tried to add my name to your followers and it wouldn't work. I'll try again later. Good luck to you with this issue!

Sandra :

I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this, it's frustrating. Hope it gets fixed soon.

Melissa :

Your blog is in my google reader!

Amber :

I follow you through bloglines...so I'm all up to date!

The 5 Bickies :

I'm a follower! Glad you are looking onward and upward!

j :

Bless your heart! I know that is terrible for you. I hope they find your deleted blog!!!!

Katy :

Glad you're back and hope you'll still be able to recover your old stuff.

Anonymous :

I sure hope they can restore it for you!

Anonymous :

Oh, wow! I am so sorry for you, and I can only imagine the sick feeling in your stomach when you realized it was gone. I so hope you will be able to recover everything!

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