Car Wash


Toddler quote of the week:
Dad, I just licked your car. But dat's OK. 'Cause den I wiped it off.


SouthernAccent :

Ha ha - so cute and totally sounds like something my little guy would say!

Kari :

LOL! Very cute!

Anonymous :

Well, yea, den dat is ok.

Just Mom :


Amber Kay :

I'm sure that tasted yummy!

Tonja :

No neeed to pay for a car wash as long as he's around!!!:)

Anonymous :

How funny! Hopefully he picked a spot without bird poop or other noticeable foreign matter.

Anonymous :

Well, did he leave streaks? :-)

Wacie's Way :

Too cute!

Sandy :

Hi Jill! oh, way too cute! :) popping in to say hi!

Katy :

Oh, too cute!

Nadine :

Thanks for the laugh.

The Mrs. :

So cute!

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